Tamarack Camps Immunization Policy

We all agree there is nothing more important than the health and safety of our children and staff.  Tamarack Camps takes this responsibility very seriously.  The Medical Committee has been closely monitoring the increasing outbreaks in Michigan, and across the country of diseases such as Measles and Pertussis and the publicity surrounding them.  We have carefully considered the risks to our community of unimmunized children and adults, and the responsibility we bear to ensure the wellbeing of our entire community.

After in depth discussions and reviewing recommendations from leading health resources, we have revised Tamarack Camps policy on Immunizations.  We will now require that all children, campers, staff, artists in residence, volunteers, doctors, nurses, and their families planning to attend/participate in any Tamarack Camps programs be immunized in the manner below.

Beginning with the summer of 2016, documentation of the administration of at least the first doses of MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), Tdap/dtap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis), and Meningitis (if applicable by age), must be provided prior to attending/participating in any Tamarack Camps program.

In 2017 NO child, camper, staff, artist in residence, volunteer, doctor, nurse, and their families will be allowed to come to camp without documentation of complete immunization according to the attached Immunization Policy.

The vast majority of our population is fully immunized, however, we know there is a small group of our campers and staff that are not, and this policy will cause them pause.  We value every member of our community and want you at camp.  We encourage you to consult with your healthcare provider and to take steps now to meet these new requirements.

Should you have any questions please email Roberta Blumberg, Director, Health & Safety, at Blumberg@tamarackcamps.com.

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