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2018-2019 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Joseph Lash, President
Michael Cooper,  Vice President, Development
Geoff Kretchmer, Vice President
Dr. Jefferey Michaelson, Vice President
Dr. Daniel Klein,  Treasurer
Dr. Barbara Kappy,  Secretary
Stacy Brodsky, Immediate Past President
Michelle Bass
Andrew Landau
Robb Lippitt
Mitch Rosenwasser
Rob Schwartz
Nancy Komer Stone
Brad Wasserman
Barbara Zaltz

Board Members

Brian Aaron
Jeffrey Belen
Stuart Brody
Elyse Cohen
Lisa Fenberg
Stacy Fox
Stuart Freedland
Dr. Brian Gendelman
Julie Trepeck Harris
Dr. Nelson (Nick) Hersch
Matt Lester
Sandy Lippitt
Rabbi Harold Loss
Phyllis Pilcowitz
Carly Schiff
Rabbi Daniel Schwartz
Abbe Sherbin
Mallory Shiffman
Erin Simmerman
Richard Simtob
Dr. Jennifer Sobol
Elizabeth Sollish
Ellen Starr
Jeffrey Sternberg
Jeff Tischler
Jeffrey Zeman
Julie Zussman
Kyle Zwiren

NEXTGen Liaisons

Brian Brodsky
Alex Rosner

JFMD Israeli Camper Program Liaisons

Matthew Roth
Loren Schwartzenfeld

If you would like to nominate someone for the 2019-2020 Board of Directors, please download our referral form or contact Steve Engel (248-647-1100) for more information.


Young Adult Advisory Board

Members of the Young Adult Advisory Board have the opportunity to apply their passion for Tamarack into a two-year leadership program.

YAAB member responsibilities and activities include:

  • Engaging in discussions that shape the future of Tamarack
  • Receiving leadership training with executive board members
  • Networking with exceptional community leaders
  • Joining Tamarack board committees
  • Embarking on a “feeder route” to take a spot on the Tamarack Board of Directors
  • Participating in an exclusive experience at camp during the summer

Applicant requirements:

  • Must be between 23-33 years old
  • Must have been a former camper or staff
  • Can no longer be working at camp
  • Must pledge a minimum gift of $36 annually to Tamarack’s Send a Kid to Tamarack Campaign by the end of each program year
  • Participants will be asked to make a donation to Federation

Please complete all three steps of the application using the directions provided.

For more information, please contact Becca Fishman at 248-952-9110.

Application Form


Teen Council

Members of the Teen Council are exposed to Tamarack Camps beyond the summer camp experience. Teen Council offers a unique and engaging perspective of the agency as a whole. This program is offered to current 11th graders who experienced or will experience a Tamarack Camps’ program during the summer. Teen Council will have the opportunity to make recommendations which will be presented to the Board of Directors and any other relevant committee members.


  • Must attend 3 of the 5 meetings
  • Attend 2 agency programs, such as:
    • Send a Kid to Tamarack
    • Recruitment event
    • Teen Packing meeting
    • Information meeting

2019 Meetings:

  • Tuesday, March 18th at 7 pm (Camp Maas)
  • April date TBD
  • Sunday, May 5th (Taste of Tamarack/Development)

For more information, please contact Carly Weinstock at 248-952-9113 or Becca Fishman at 248-952-9110.

Application Form