Nurse Kathi Moss and Roberta Blumberg, Tamarack’s Director of Health and Safety, are longtime friends.

By Laura Adler
Published in the Detroit Jewish News, 3/20/14

There is nobody like mom when you are sick.  You look for a familiar face, smile or caring words to make you feel better.  For thousands of children who have left their parents to attend Tamarack Camps, that familiar face is Roberta Blumberg.

Blumberg, Tamarack’s Director of Health and Safety for 18 years, along with community Nurse Gail Chenoweth (a three-year position funded by the Jewish Fund) and the dedicated nurses who spend one to two weeks each summer at Camp Maas in Ortonville are know for being “the moms and dads away from home” for countless campers and staff.

“I’m proud to be a part of this wonderful agency and generous, caring community whose mission is to provide every Jewish child with an enriching Jewish camping experience,” Blumberg said. “I am truly blessed to be in an environment that has allowed and encouraged me and our thousands of campers and staff members to be our best Jewish selves.”

Tamarack will be celebrating Blumberg’s 18th “chai” summer at camp by honoring her at Tamarack Family Fun Day on June 22.

Roberta says she feels fortunate to be supported by nurses who are not only her professional peers but her lifelong friends. Many of these nurses started their tenure at Tamarack when their children were campers and continued after their children were grown.  They feel lucky to be a doing what they love in a fun camp environment where they can be like campers again.

“Camp wouldn’t be camp without Roberta,” said Kathi Moss, a Tamarack nurse for 25 years. “Her ability to oversee the health and well-being of the entire Tamarack community is astounding. She does it seamlessly and makes it look effortless. Her smile, warmth and wonderful sense of humor make everyone feel at ease in her presence.

“Roberta and I have a passion for helping others that blossomed into a lifelong friendship. She has enriched my life in countless ways, and I am honored to be her friend.”

The motto of Tamarack nurses is “a warm hug, loving smile and caring ear is sometimes just what campers need.  Of course a cold Popsicle doesn’t hurt either!”

Other longtime nurses include Cathy Herman, 21 years; Liz Kirshner, 18 years; Julie Nitzkin, 14 years; and Renee Unger, 12 years.

Tamarack is looking for nurses to join Blumberg’s team and spend a week or two at Camp Maas. To find out more about nursing opportunities at Tamarack this summer, contact Roberta at


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