Hazel Nakisher’s Family Memories

Hazel Nakisher full family

“We are a “Tamarack Family”. In 1954, I was a camper at Tamarack. Although I lived in Detroit, Tamarack was a world away from home. Some of my favorite memories of childhood came from being at camp and I wanted my kids and now grandchildren to share the same experience.

There is something magical about camp. My 3 children and 7 grandchildren all have called Tamarack home for the summer. From being campers and counselors at Tamarack, Kennedy, Western Trips, Alaska, and Bubbie Zaydie camp, Tamarack is part of the fabric of our family. My youngest son holds Tamarack in such high regard; he is now on the board of directors of the camp.

While the kids come home smelling terrible and their clothes are almost not worth saving, unanimously, we all LOVE Tamarack. At the end of summer, I ask each of my grandchildren “what was the best part of camp?” they always say the same thing…“EVERYTHING”. During the year at family events, the kids often burst into a camp song, which causes laughter and family fun.

Beyond fun memories and friendships that last a lifetime, I believe that camp is a perfect place to learn teamwork and self-expression. The kids always come home a little taller, a little more confident and with a bigger perspective on life for having experienced something new, something special, and something different. When I was a camper all those years ago, I never realized that Tamarack would have had such an important impact on my family. We are loyal and we are appreciative of all the gifts Tamarack has given our family.”


Abby Robinson’s Mini Reunion in London

Abby Robinson pic
From left to right: Abby Robinson (camper/staff 1969-1984), Ros (Korn) Winkler (Specialty staff 1982), Jonah Kone (camper 2006 – 2013), Jack Lebo (camper 2011-2014), and Ezra Kone (camper 2009 to right now!)

“The Perfect Alignment of Tamarack Planets” by Abby Robinson

“This photo was taken during a perfectly-timed layover in London in early June, 2015. Ros (Korn) Winkler and I were staff together in Specialty in 1982. We traveled through Israel together the following summer, and then reunited in 2011, when my family visited London. This summer we had a long enough layover in London to meet at the airport, and go to Houndslow for lunch. We were also joined by Jack Lebo who was an Agree camper with my son Jonah Kone in 2011. Ezra Kone is at Agree this summer, and of course Ros and I included our non-Tamarack husbands. The Tamarack connection circles the globe!”


Campers Say “Thank You”

letter writing
All of our campers benefit from the generosity of our community. This summer, mid-side campers had the opportunity to learn about Tikkun Olam. During Menucha, the wrote letters expressing their appreciation to amazing donors who strengthen the Tamarack family.

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