Written Letters from Home
It means a great deal to campers to hear from home and mail delivery is an important time at camp. Mail is distributed daily, after lunch (except on Saturday, to observe Shabbat). Please refrain from emphasizing the activities your child is missing at home, which may promote homesickness. Instead, express excitement for the wonderful programs and activities your child is enjoying at camp.

Mail should be addressed to:
Camper’s Name
Village Name
4361 Perryville Road
Ortonville, MI 48462

You may email your camper while he/she is at camp. These emails will be delivered with the daily mail. Shortly before the start of summer, you will be able to access our camper email system via our website—there is no additional fee for this service. Watch your mail for pertinent information. To send an email now, click here.

You may fax your child any time at 248-627-4576. Faxes are distributed daily, after lunch (except Shabbat), and are delivered with the mail—there is no additional fee for this service. Please use the posted “Fax Stationery” document.

Receiving mail is one of the highlights of the day; campers always enjoy reading letters, emails, and faxes from their family and friends. We encourage you to write often – as campers always appreciate updates and words of support!

With regard to packages, over the past years, despite rules limiting size and contents, we have seen an overwhelming increase in the amount of packages and prohibited items: food (including nuts and non-Kosher items) and various electronics – just to name a few. Unfortunately, this creates challenges in the cabins – especially in terms of health (protecting campers with food allergies), safety (animal control), and unnecessary competition amongst campers.

With that in mind, Camp Maas has implemented a NO PACKAGE POLICY. If a package is sent, it will not be delivered to your camper, and, instead, will be returned to sender (at sender’s expense). We accept letters and/or cards only—books, magazines, or other large, printed items will also be returned. Additionally, packages (including balloons, streamers, gift bags, baked goods, etc.) may not be personally delivered to the camp office, even on birthdays. To avoid potential frustration, please share this policy with other family members and friends.

When packing, please consider extra allowable items, such as books, magazines, comics, stationery, and fun games (but don’t be sneaky – we will be on the “lookout” for hidden items that contradict the purpose of this policy)! Of course, should you forget to send your child with a critical item necessary for the camp experience (specific shoes, for example), exceptions will be granted, but must be coordinated directly with the camp office staff by calling 248-627-2821.

While we recognize that innocent packages can be enjoyable, please be assured that, in their absence, your campers’ experience will not be compromised. Throughout every session, we continue to provide “special treats,” which are delivered equitably – and always conscious of safety. Ultimately, in this spectacular setting, the contents of a package are never the most significant stamp upon a meaningful summer experience!

We appreciate your support of this important policy – which, ultimately, allows camp to be safer, healthier, and better balanced for everyone.


Written Letters
We encourage campers to write often. Upon arrival, each camper is required to mail a postcard. To help prevent any delay in receiving your child’s mail, please send pens/pencils, and pre-addressed, stamped envelopes or postcards with your child to camp (even for older campers).

Phone Calls
Campers are not permitted to use the telephone. During previous years, we have found that phone calls do not benefit children during their summer at camp. On the contrary, when campers speak to their families, camper homesickness and other issues tend to escalate. As previously noted, campers are not permitted to bring cell phones to camp, and is grounds for dismissal.

Email and Fax
Campers are not permitted to email or fax.

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