Teen Phone Calls
Teens will call home approximately once a week. Teens will be provided with a camp cell phone to call home to talk to parents for a few minutes. Because teens will not have their own personal cell phones, we encourage parents to write down important phone numbers (cell, home, etc.) for the teens to keep with them.

As previously noted, teens are not permitted to bring cell phones on the trip.

Emergency Parent Concerns
In case of emergency, parents will always be able to contact Becca Fishman directly, who will be on the ground in Israel with the teens. All emergency contact phone numbers will be provided before departure.

Examples of Emergency Situations (call Israel):
Family health or bereavement emergency requiring booking of immediate return flight home.

Urgent medical or safety situation

Examples of Non-Emergency Situations (call camp):
Concerns over teen’s fatigue or social adjustment
Requests for flight extensions
Email confirmation requests
Security concerns in Israel (Parents will be notified through email in case of security situation)

Please remember Israel is 7 hours ahead of Detroit. If it is noon in Detroit, the time is 7:00 pm in Israel.

Non-Emergency Parent Concerns
If you need information, have concerns or would like to relay an important message to your teen at a time other than during the phone call days, please call the Camp Maas office and leave a message with one of our office staff. They will forward the message to Jason Charnas, Director of Teen & Family Programs. Jason is in regular contact with Becca Fishman, checking in on the teens, staff and trip, and is also able to pass important messages to the group and their campers. Non-emergency concerns can also be emailed to Becca Fishman at bfishman@tamarackcamps.com

Camp Summer Office Information
Phone: 248-627-2821

Office Hours:
Sunday through Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: Closed in observance of Shabbat Mail, Packages, Email and Fax It is not possible for mail, packages, emails or faxes to be sent to the TSS in Israel.

Photographs and Email Communication Pictures from the trip, along with an email blog will be posted almost daily for family and friends to get a taste of the adventure. Information regarding how to view the pictures will be available closer to the program. The email blog will be emailed to you.

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