Josh and Jane Box Sobell

Jane and Josh Box’s Tamarack Love Story

By: Josh Box

Jane and I met in the summer of 2003. She was hired as a counselor and I was hired as a staff member at land sports. Who would’ve thought that 12 years later that not only would we return to Tamarack, but we would return as husband and wife?

We were both quite shy people and our paths crossed occasionally that summer. As the summer went on we each moved to work within different sections of the camp but nonetheless we both had the best summer of our lives. We then exchanged email addresses at the end of the summer and went our own separate ways. Who knew what we’d be in for?

Josh and Jane Box

Fast forward to London 2012. I was visiting for a holiday and I had arranged to go travelling throughout the UK, I’d made the bold decision to get in touch with Jane to ask for some travel advice and next thing we knew, we were travelling the country together. Our relationship blossomed and we then agreed to give it a go.

She relocated to Australia and in April 2014 we got engaged. We’d always talked about visiting Michigan and how great it would be to visit Tamarack again, it got us thinking .. ‘Why not do it on honeymoon!’

We married in August this year and with some careful planning and with the wonderful help of Debbie Landau, we were reunited with Tamarack late August.

Josh and Jane Box Debbie Landau

The summer of 2003 was the best summer of our lives and it is incredible to think that after not seeing each other for almost 10 years, we’re now living very happily as husband and wife and we owe it all to Camp Tamarack.

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