Michael Drucker

Camper: 1991-2007
Staff: 2008-10, 2012-2013
City: Burlington, VT.
Occupation: Graduate student working towards a M.Ed. for Student Affairs and Higher Education Administration
Favorite camp activity: “Rainy days at the outpost camps… nothing better than hot chocolate, acoustic guitars, and the camp family hanging out in the lodges’ living rooms together.”
Favorite camp food: “Cheesy, beany rice with extra cheese, please.”
Favorite camp song: “Umm… does the Birkat HaMazon count?”
Favorite staff person: Katy (Willens) Levinson and Jeff Goldsmith
Favorite camp tradition: “Leo’s Coney Island lunch, after arriving back at JCC/Adat Shalom.”
Most Valuable Attribute You Learned About Yourself From Camp: “Camp taught me the importance of a strong work ethic. Things that I want take work; getting to a campsite, feeding our community, healthfully communicating with peers and colleagues, identifying what makes me happy and fulfilled, and so on.”

Western 2 – 1990

Rachel Jacobs

Camper: 1984,1989-91, 1993-94
Staff: 1995
City: New York City, NY
Occupation: VP of Strategy and Business Development for Ascend Learning, Founder and Chairwoman of Detroit Nation
Favorite camp activity: “Tripping!”
Favorite camp song: “Anything Beth Sonne sang to ward off bears as we hiked through the mountains”
Favorite camp tradition: “Singing ‘On the Road to Anywhere’ on the bus on the way up to camp.”
Best camp memory: “Some of my favorite moments include hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park, lying on the baking sheet in the sauna up at Agree after a long hike, and taking the TSS staff on their trip to Algonquin Park when I was a tripper.”
Best post camp experience: “In 2009, together with camp friends and other lifelong friends from Detroit, I founded an organization called Detroit Nation www.detroitnation.org.  All of us would agree that our Tamarack experiences reinforced the connection we feel to Detroit.  Our mission as Detroit Nation is to link Detroiters around the country to the positive change happening in our hometown.”

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