Explore Northern Michigan and the Canadian Wilderness

Entering 9th Grade
Two-Session Experience

For years, the Outpost Camps have been popular options for campers.  Both programs (Camp Kennedy and Agree Outpost Camp) offer an opportunity to disconnect from modern conveniences, live in rustic cabins, and connect with a tight group of peers.  We are proud to offer the first-ever Outpost Experience program. 

Campers will apply for The Outpost Experience and will then be placed at either Camp Kennedy or Agree Outpost Camp. The experiences at each location will be similar, each offering a four-day backpacking trip and a four-day canoeing trip outside of Agree. 

There is no better way to learn about and appreciate the meaning of Shabbat then spending it in the beauty and wonder of Northern Michigan and the Canadian Wilderness. There is something very magical about holding a Shabbat service on the beach with the sound of Lake Superior behind you or having Havdalah around a roaring campfire with a million stars and the Northern lights above.

Our schedule is flexible and the campers get a say in the programs. Arts and crafts, ping pong, and nightly activities are favorites. With no clocks or watches, we set our own time schedule and without modern devices such as cell phones, campers fully experience the wilderness.

We are self-sufficient, planning and cooking all of our own meals. Some of our favorites include grilled cheese & tomato soup, Mexican night, pancakes, pizza and lots of delicious homemade cakes, bagels, brownies and cookies.

A limited number of campers guarantees an exceptionally fun time, where life-long friendships are made.

The Outpost Experience is for campers looking for something different to do this summer. If YOU are looking for a summer of fun and adventure then the Outpost is for YOU!

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