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Welcome! We are pleased that you are considering our camp programs for your summer employment. Working at camp is different from working anywhere else during the summer. Whatever the job at camp, everyone strives toward the goal of making camp a quality experience for the children. A camp job can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding ways to spend 10 weeks of your life.

Caring and nurturing staff are the reason Tamarack Camps is the #1 Jewish overnight camp in the Detroit Metropolitan area. Have fun each and every day while building friendships, developing life skills and making a difference in the life of a child! Working at Tamarack has these benefits:

  • Highly Competitive Salary
  • Free Room & Board
  • Meet interesting people from this area and abroad
  • Develop the life skills today’s employers demand
  • Enjoy a Jewish atmosphere and foster your Jewish identity
  • Staff Socials in and out of camp
  • Days Off
  • Local transportation provided for out of town staff
  • Staff lounge with access to laundry & phones

Be a Role Model. Live in the Wilderness. Lead Camping Trips.

Required Dates:

  • Pre-camp training – Dates TBD
  • Contract ends when camp finishes, around the middle of August

Requirements for Counselors

  • Experience working with children
  • Tripping/overnight camping experience preferred
  • Youth group or leadership experience preferred

Agree Outpost Camp and Camp Kennedy

Job Description:
Camp Kennedy and Agree Outpost Camp are rustic wilderness program for high school teens located in remote locations. The focus of these programs is hiking, canoeing, and creating strong and meaningful communities.

These are just some of the expectations for the Kennedy and Agree staff:

  • Obtain lifeguard & wilderness first aid certification (provided for all staff)
  • Live in a remote wilderness location
  • Be responsible for the care and well being of the campers
  • Be a friend, teacher & role model
  • Plan & lead all camping trips
  • Sleeping in tents while camping
  • Assist with all meal preparation and clean up
  • Be responsible for developing & implementing creative programming

Due to the nature of this program, staff cannot have days or time off for the duration of the program. This is a 24-hour a day job. No alcohol consumption or drug use will be allowed at any time during this program – violating this policy is basis for dismissal.

While at base camp, the staff have separate sleeping quarters from the campers. When on camping trips, staff will sleep in tents at primitive wilderness campsites, with no amenities except the Northern Lights, breathtaking sunsets and the call of the Loon.

Some Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Participation in pre-camp training and read the staff guide.
  2. To know and observe camp policies.
  3. To model positive and appropriate behavior to campers and other staff.
  4. To make the health and safety of all staff and campers your number one priority.
  5. To provide opportunities for campers to have fun, feel challenged and successful, develop camping and interpersonal skills and deepen their appreciation of the natural environment around them.
  6. To help campers develop positive attitudes toward cooperation, taking responsibility and concern for others, both campers and adults.
  7. To supervise campers at all times.
  8. To assist and lead a variety of activities such as: Cooking, Jewish Programming, Theme days and Recreational activities.
  9. Prepare and lead all day excursions and overnight camping trips.
  10. To prepare a written camper evaluation at the end of each session relating to your observations of each camper’s experience.
  11. To participate in challenging and rigorous outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing or kayaking.
  12. To plan and implement Friday night and Saturday morning/evening services.
  13. To participate in clean up and inventory of food and equipment at the end of the summer.
  14. To participate in daily staff meetings with your supervisor.
  15. To assist in the execution of all camp activities, wherever needed.

**This list does not list all of the specific responsibilities – other responsibilities will be given by your supervisors or have been listed in the staff guide.


Job Description:

The Joy and Allan Nachman Teen Leadership Trip to Israel is a unique opportunity to experience Israel in a leadership role.  Have fun while building friendships, developing life skills, and making a difference in the lives of a teenagers.

The Joy and Allan Nachman Teen Leadership Trip to Israel involves working closely with entering high school seniors, experiencing outdoor adventures throughout Israel, while acting as a friend and role model.  Staff are responsible for developing and implementing creative programming throughout the trip, ensuring their safety and facilitating leadership programming. Due to the nature of the trip, staff will not have days off.  This position is a 24-hour a day job for the duration of the trip.  

Working for The Joy and Allan Nachman Teen Leadership Trip to Israel has the following benefits:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Room and Board
  • Develop life skills today’s employers demand
  • Enjoy a Jewish atmosphere and foster your Jewish identity
  • Travel throughout Israel

Requirements for The Joy and Allan Nachman Teen Leadership Trip to Israel staff:

  • Staff must be at least 21 years of age by June 17, 2019
  • Experience working with teenagers
  • Youth group or leadership experience is preferred

Tamarack Camps is an equal employment opportunity workplace.

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