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4-Day Kennedy Canoeing

By: Stella Hurwitz

Today we are on the bus heading back from our four-day canoe trip. It was so much fun! On our first day, we went to Agree Outpost Camp and it was such an amazing experience seeing what another outpost camp looked like. When we got there, they were all so welcoming and nice. They gave us a tour and showed us what we could be experiencing next summer. We slept over, and the next morning we were ready to begin our canoe trips. The weather was beautiful and it was a great way to start the trip.

My group arrived at our first campsite after a day of canoeing, we unpacked, and some of us went swimming. We all hung out and a large rock and looked out at a beautiful lake. The next day was a little harder. We portaged our canoes through some very difficult trails. One was pretty muddy, and I even got stuck in the mud a few times. Overall it was a lot of fun. Later that day we ran into another group and ended up staying with them. It was good to catch up with our friends. The third day was a little harder due to wind. It took everybody in the canoe to move us an inch. After going down some rapids, we saw a moose in the water. We all had to stay quiet and it was so pretty. Eventually it went away and we could continue. When we got to our last campsite, it felt so good to just drop everything and relax. We had finished canoeing! We were all so happy and proud of ourselves. We got picked up the next morning and were finally reunited with the whole community. It was so good to see everyone.

Although I came out of the trip with at least 1 billion bug bites, I had the time of my life! I’m sad that camp is almost over, but I’m really looking forward to the last couple of days with my Kennedy family.