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Reflections from the Outposts

This was an incredible summer, one that our campers and staff will remember forever. To give children an experience at camp is always a gift, but of course, this year felt extra special. Campers and staff were craving a sense of normalcy, and I am so proud of what we were able to offer. I … Read more

Welcome Home Camp Kennedy

I’m happy to report that the campers and staff have arrived safely to Camp Kennedy! After speaking with the staff, they let me know that they had a blast on the bus on the way to camp. They played various icebreakers to get to know each other. They stopped for lunch and had delicious sandwiches. … Read more

Reflections from Camp Olmsted

A few weeks ago, my boots were on the ground at Camp Olmsted, located in Allegheny National Forest. I was able to tour the base and see what could be done to mold it into an outpost camp, similar to the vibes of Camp Kennedy and Charles N. Agree Outpost Camp. Olmsted is surrounded by … Read more

Welcome Justin Ozrovitz – Director of Camp Olmsted!

We are so excited to welcome Justin Ozrovitz as the Director of Camp Olmsted! Justin is no stranger to the outposts; he is a longtime Tamarack camper and staff. A note from the director: Greetings! My name is Justin, and I will be directing Camp Olmsted this upcoming summer! I wanted to introduce myself and … Read more

Teen Programs Camper Care Team

We are thrilled to welcome back Gail Chynoweth (Director of Health) and Stacey Lusky (Social Worker) to the Teen Programs Camper Care Team! Gail has been part of the Tamarack Camps family for many years. You can find her around the community as the School Nurse at Hillel Day School. Stacey continues as the lead … Read more

Camp Olmsted – A New Adventure

Tamarack Camps has a brand new addition – Camp Olmsted, a rustic outpost camp tucked away in scenic northern Pennsylvania. Campers and staff will enjoy all that Allegheny National Forest has to offer, including hiking and canoeing trips, and of course, lots of tripper stew. Camp Olmsted is no stranger to the Tamarack Camps family. … Read more

A Day In The Life of Alaskan Campers

Wow! After completing our second backcountry of this trip, the Kesugi Ridge in Denali National Park, we traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska. After a long drive on the bus, we made it to Fairbanks. Following breakfast, we spontaneously spent the day in Pioneer Park, enjoying the historical aspect of the small town within. We continued our … Read more

4-Day Kennedy Canoeing

Today we are on the bus heading back from our four-day canoe trip. It was so much fun! On our first day, we went to Agree Outpost Camp and it was such an amazing experience seeing what another outpost camp looked like. When we got there, they were all so welcoming and nice. They gave … Read more