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Meet the Clinic Assistants!

By: Camp Maas Clinic Assistants

Ensuring the health and safety of our campers is always our top priority. At Camp Maas and at our outpost and teen travel trips, our clinic — and the dedicated professionals who run it — are well equipped to handle whatever medical situation may arise during the summer. Led by our year-round chief medical officer, Dr. Stefanie Aronow, a pediatrician, the clinic is staffed full time by doctors and nurses, including our Director of Health at Camp Maas, Jen Feinberg, and our Director of Health for our teen program, Gail Chynoweth. This terrific team is aided by our amazing group: your 2024 clinic assistants. Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Harry: My name is Harry, and this is my 12th summer at camp. I came to work in the clinic because I wanted to give back to the place where I grew up every summer, and I knew the clinic was exactly that. I started here as a camper in Applebaum, and I was able to go all the way through Western. Then, I worked as a DeRoy counselor for two summers, and I was lucky enough to receive a job as clinic assistant this summer.  

Working as a clinic assistant, under these incredible doctors and nurses, has been very special. It has taught me so much about medicine and myself. The clinic has shown me how much care is given to the campers, staff and anyone who needs it. Everyone here is willing to give a helping hand. The clinic is not just a great place to be cared for — it is a home.

Dana: My name is Dana, and this is my 14th year at Tamarack camps. I started my camper journey in Fishman and was lucky enough to experience the Western and Alaska travel trips and then finish my camper career in TLV. I worked in waterski for the last three years — two of them as the supervisor. Now, in my fourth year working my at camp, I’m here in the clinic as a clinic assistant.

Working as a clinic assistant at a summer camp is an incredibly rewarding experience, especially with the amazing doctors who lead the clinic. These doctors not only excel in their medical expertise but also have a genuine passion for teaching and caring for the campers. Every day brings new challenges and learning opportunities, from treating minor cuts and scrapes to managing more serious ailments. The atmosphere is supportive and educational, where I get to witness firsthand the dedication and compassion these doctors have for the well-being of each camper. It’s more than just medical care; it’s about creating a safe and nurturing environment where every child can thrive, knowing they are in capable and caring hands.

Anya: My name is Anya, and this is my ninth summer at camp! Last year, I worked as a Fishman counselor, and one of my campers had Type 1 diabetes. At first, I was very nervous to have a camper with a medical condition, but (Camp Maas Director of Health) Jen Feinberg made all my nerves disappear. She was always around to support me and taught me everything I needed to know to make sure my camper was safe.

Having a camper with a medical condition meant that I was in the clinic almost every day last summer. This is one of the reasons why I’m working as a clinic assistant today. It has really been a wonderful experience — there are many incredible doctors and nurses who are volunteering their time to come work at the camp clinic. They are both passionate about treating patients and about education. Dr. Stefanie Aronow, the chief medical officer at Tamarack Camps, has been a wonderful mentor. Whenever she’s not treating sick kids, she’s giving us mini medical school lessons to further our education. Overall, the camp clinic has so many resources and knowledgeable doctors to keep all the campers and staff healthy and happy during the summer.