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Union and Reunion

By: Lee Trepeck

On Wednesday night, following the final words of Send a Kid to Tamarack, our entire team reconnected online. Together, we wanted to continue the celebration of our supportive community, add more appreciation for each other, and further applaud Helayne Shaw.

And, then, while on screen, we paused … because Geoff Wickersham, Helayne’s boyfriend, had a plan. And we turned to him. He spoke beautiful words about Helayne – and, afterward, with help from Carly Weinstock (Director of Camp Maas) and Craig Charnas (Head of Senior Side), people were scripted to speak (or sing) meaningful lyrics of sensitively selected songs. Then, Geoff added the final notes – and he proposed; while emotion flowed, a ring was slipped on her finger. Surrounded by extended family, our distinguished alumna became a fiancée – and, within a short time after the conclusion of SK2T, a new family was born.

Then, yesterday, in a different way, we enjoyed another rebirth. For the first time since March 13, within soft sunshine and a cool breeze, our full leadership team gathered at the Farber Farm. And, finally, the warmth of people filled our space. As each person arrived, and our teams were in place, the atypical rhythm from this past year fell into a natural beat around various picnic tables. Togetherness. And we felt at home – healthy and safe.

In a spirited return to meetings at camp, we wanted to acknowledge the challenges from last year and look ahead – and, within the spirit of Tamarack Camps, “lean on each other.” There were so many positive words directed to leaders around the tables – and we absolutely recognized that, while housed in different locations, we intelligently huddled throughout the year to fit complicated pieces of moving puzzles together. And our agency is connected! I am so proud that, as individuals and as a group, with critical guidance from our medical professionals, we are one unified team rallying around our campers, staff, programs, and campgrounds – absolutely eager to unroll healthy, safe, and innovative plans for exciting experiences.

On behalf of our entire team, we remain so appreciative of your ongoing support and continued participation.  We are beyond grateful.

And, finally, after countless hours inside, we can move outdoors again… with our boots on the ground!