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Camp Maas Newsletter: Last Night of Camp

Dear Families of Camp Maas,

In a summer full of highlights, last night added more to the reel! Immediately after dinner, the curtain opened on the “All-Camp Play,” Moana, which entertained every village and was met by thunderous applause and standing ovations.

Following the production, music played – and we expressed appreciation to campers that have been with us for many years – 3, 5, and 8. As we announced the awards, our campers sprinted to center stage, and we were moved by their joy. From there, the energy flowed into the “All Camp Dance” – and, as always, with spirits high, we appreciated the presence of StarTrax, who carried the program to even greater heights.

This morning, at the William Davidson Foundation Amphitheater (The “NOA”), we rose for “The Wake Up Song,” with campers moving to the beat of the tune. Then, we enjoyed a special dance show, where villages performed and moved in synchronicity. Afterward, for double schmooze (choice time), all of camp’s activities were open, and campers spread across our campus, enjoying the breadth of variety: omanut (arts and crafts) was packed, teva (nature) was overflowing, waterski/tubing circled the lake, mountain bikers traversed the terrain, land sports were everywhere, and rock climbers stretched for the sky (just to name some highlights)! Kids took pictures and signed autographs, freezing memories. And, in the midst of so many happy campers, conversations about the sadness of departing our grounds were widespread. Tomorrow arrives too soon.

Before lunch, and out of the traditional order, we had a special last day treat: kibbud (candy!). Then, at the meal, we enjoyed a traditional Wednesday favorite – grilled cheese and tomato soup – with lots of music, including a full dance by Regina Halasinski and our kitchen team. That’s camp! Now, it’s time to pack; again, tomorrow arrives too soon.
Until then, however, we’re still here – and now look forward to the camper banquet and culmination activities!

And then we’ll need extra tissue … tears are already beginning to flow.

With best wishes,
Lee Trepeck
Director, Camp Maas