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The Comeback

By: Lee Trepeck

At Camp Kennedy and Camp Maas, our campers and staff are home. And, on July 18th, Camp Olmsted begins. These statements are truly the dawn of a new day.

Across the fields at Tamarack Camps, this is the comeback. A glorious return. An emotional reunion. And something is clear: even as we navigate the complications of a complex virus, this is our time – finally, after 679 days from the summer of 2019, our camp community is off-screen and in-person. We are connected. And the family is energized.

As the summer begins its beautiful rhythm, we appreciate the band of support from our stakeholders:

  • Our medical team, where some of the most intelligent minds are helping us best understand necessary protocols of health and safety.
  • Our board of directors, continuously participating in so many critical initiatives.
  • Our alumni, recounting the past while actively engaged in today’s stories.
  • Our community, generously supporting the ongoing mission of Tamarack Camps.
  • Our families, cheerleading for their children and this organization.
  • Our staff, intensely trained to maximize the camper experience.
  • And our campers, basking in the glow of new opportunity, special friendships, and awesome activities.

And, of course, while the summer action intensifies, I am beyond grateful that I work with the finest year-round team on the planet; in a new role, this is a gift I recognize every day. I value the talent, teamwork, commitment, and boundless energy that reverberates from our remote office to the playgrounds we connect. And I have the pleasure of continuous collaboration with Geoff Kretchmer, our totally engaged President, passionately leading our board forward – creatively, compassionately, and intelligently.

Together, resurfacing from some darkness, we are in the midst of a new chapter in history. As mishpacha (family!), we assemble at the community flagpole, Tamarack Camps – a beacon of light unto the world. And that has never changed.

Thanks for standing with us. Now, as we begin Shabbat, let’s enjoy a pause in the action and embrace the peace of camp.

Shabbat Shalom – with best wishes for health, safety, and the very best of everything.