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Farewell from Geoff Kretchmer

By: Geoff Kretchmer

Dear Tamarack Camps Community,

This is my final President’s Podium message in the Tamarack Times. I will be joining an esteemed group of past presidents when my term ends at our annual meeting on August 23. Michael Cooper will then take the reins as the new president of Tamarack Camps.

During my two-year term, we’ve successfully met many challenges thanks to our great team. I am especially proud of this summer and the program leads who have helped bring the experience together for our campers, staff, and families: Carly Weinstock (Director of Camp Programs), Becca Fishman (Associate Director of Camp Maas), Matt Russell (Director of Teen Travel Programs), Rachel Fine (Director of Camp Kennedy), and Justin Ozrovitz (Director of Charles N. Agree Outpost Camp).

These leaders (and their colleagues) are called upon constantly to pivot and leap, while balancing many priorities. And they do it with passion and excitement. From recruiting, training, and mentoring staff to creating enriching experiences for campers daily, the long hours they put in are creating a lifetime of memories. I also want to acknowledge the wonderful counselors, supervisors, and seasonal team members who make the decision to spend their summers with Tamarack. They make an incredible impact on the 1,100 children they serve; without them, camp could not happen.

I concluded my last board meeting as president at the Farber Farm earlier this week. It was the first non-Zoom meeting of my term and it felt great to be together at camp. I was deeply impacted by the reports presented by our program leaders – folks, Tamarack is in great hands. Its future is as bright as the new friendships that are developing at camp today as I write this.

Thank you for entrusting me with this great responsibility and honor. It’s been a privilege to serve as your president.