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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah

By: Lee Trepeck, Chief Executive Officer

The celebration of Thanksgiving – a formal opportunity to express gratitude. Professionally, I just completed my first year in a new role; within those months, I felt deep appreciation to work in an organization that is filled with people that are like extended family.

And I am thankful to so many, including:

  • Our year-round staff continue to work with a drive toward excellence; in a pandemic, they navigated challenges that our agency had never confronted and created new chapters of history – filled with stories of creativity, accomplishment, and success.
  • Our board, led by President Geoff Kretchmer, along with committees and task forces, passionately supported a long menu of meaningful causes, enabling us to best serve a full community.
  • Our Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit connected our needs to a wide group of community members, partnering in so many critical initiatives to ensure optimal experiences.
  • Our alumni proudly represented previous years, while, at the same time, remained engaged during these important times.
  • Our supporters provided necessary dollars and boundless encouragement to propel our mission forward.
  • Our seasonal staff members lived inside a summer bubble, and, within necessary protocols, showed inspirational commitment, resolve, and creativity in the coordination of a historic summer.
  • And, our campers, throughout the year, in schools and playgrounds around Michigan – and beyond – stretched smiles from one face to another. And that made us smile.

Now, this weekend, as Hanukkah begins, the calendar turns from the gratitude of Thanksgiving to the festival of lights. For sure, upon reflection, the groups identified above enabled the spirit of Tamarack Camps to glow. A beacon of light. An opportunity to move through the dark days of a pandemic to a future of brighter times.

I wish for the lights to shine upon you and your families – and spread the warmth of this holiday season.