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Thankful for a Complete Return

By: Jackie Yashinsky, Director of Teen Programs

November 1, 2021 was an emotional day. That was the day that the Teen Programs returned to its usual rhythm. For two summers, we put a hold on three of our beloved programs – the Western Trip, Alaska Trip, and Charles N. Agree Outpost Camp.

These three programs all have a special place in my heart. I personally have so many fond memories as a camper and staff connected to these programs. They are the reason I’m in this role. They shaped me as a person, gave me my love for the outdoors, and inspired me to become a Jewish communal professional.

Now, through the professional guidance of our Medical Committee, we felt comfortable to return to our usual rhythm, offering all four wilderness experiences to our community’s teens. These programs teach our campers independence, a connection to Judaism, a love of nature, and a real sense of community. It’s wonderful to pick up where we left off, and continue the legacy of our Outpost Camps and Travel Trips.

This holiday season, I am thankful for a complete return of the Teen Programs – Camp Kennedy, the Western Trip, Alaska Trip, and Charles N. Agree Outpost Camp. Our community has been longing for them and I’m thrilled to see a return to normalcy, especially in the woods.