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Meet our 2021 Village Supervisor Lineup

By: Carly Weinstock

We are thrilled to announce and introduce you to an all-star group of summer supervisors! Our supervisors are selected based on their exceptional leadership skills, passion for camp, and previous camp experiences. This month, the supervisors hosted camper events on Zoom to connect their villages prior to the first day of camp. It was a blast – we are now even more excited and look forward to an awesome summer at “The Greatest Place on Earth!”

ATID (staff kids village): Sydnie Saltz

  • If you’re looking for Sydnie this summer, you can find her at Omanut dreaming about her favorite food: burgers and truffle fries!

Shiffman (entering 2nd and 3rd grade girls): Limor Goldsmith

  • Limor plays the trumpet, loves to eat crepes, and enjoys the Farber Farm in the summer at camp!

Applebaum (entering 2nd and 3rd grade boys): Tobey Berger

  • If you like Twix, sports, or hamburgers, you and Tobey will become fast friends! He can be found walking down the main road listening to “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Fishman (entering 4th and 5th grade girls): Leah Sugarman

  • Leah has a minor in musical theatre and you can catch her singing her favorite song “Agatha All Along” from WandaVision this summer!

DeRoy (entering 4th and 5th grade boys)

  • In the spirit of transparency, our initial hire for the supervisor of DeRoy lives in the United Kingdom and is unable to enter the country due to COVID-related travel restrictions. We are confident that we will fill this role soon and excited to share an update in the future!

Charach Sheruth (entering 6th grade girls): Hallie Bittker (also serving as Berman supervisor)

  • Hallie’s favorite candy is a Kit Kat and she loves pasta – classic foods to find at the Chadar Ochel and with Kibud!

Levison (entering 6th grade boys): Jake Weitzman

  • Jake’s favorite food is sushi and he loves spending time at Rodecker beach in the summer!

Berman (entering 7th grade girls): Hallie Bittker (also serving as Charach Sheruth supervisor)

  • Need help starting a fire? Ask Hallie for help! She also loves to waterski at camp – see you there, Berman girls!

Hermelin (entering 7th grade boys): Jonah Greenblatt

  • Jonah’s favorite foods are pizza and peach rings. His passion is land sports, especially hockey!

Grosberg Ruach/Robinson Pioneer (entering 8th grade boys and girls): Madeline Robins

  • Fun fact: Madeline is double jointed in her left elbow! She loves York Peppermint Patties and sushi!

Kaufman Specialty (entering 9th and 10th grade boys and girls): Carson Biederman and Blake Bordelove

  • Carson, a theatre and dance extraordinaire, loves all things peanut butter – especially Reese’s Cups!
  • An expert in Rubix Cubes, Blake can be found on the dance floor doing Israeli dances to any song by Thomas Rhett or Sam Hunt!

Avodah (young adult special needs program): Mollie Gross

  • Mollie’s favorite camp activity is Omanut and she also enjoys meditation. Her favorite foods are fettuccine alfredo and mini M&Ms!