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Reflections from Camp Olmsted

By: Justin Ozrovitz

A few weeks ago, my boots were on the ground at Camp Olmsted, located in Allegheny National Forest. I was able to tour the base and see what could be done to mold it into an outpost camp, similar to the vibes of Camp Kennedy and Charles N. Agree Outpost Camp.

Olmsted is surrounded by beautiful views and maple and hemlock trees. There is a small creek that runs through camp which eventually flows into the Allegheny Reservoir, which meets with the Kinzua dam, which lets water flow into the 325-mile-long Allegheny River. The base has a similar layout to Kennedy and Agree with the lodge, dining area, and kitchen being connected. The base also has many outbuildings that will be used for both sleeping and programming.

Boots were also on the ground in the 500,000-acre large Allegheny National Forest. I went on a backcountry trip along the same trail the campers will be hiking on for their backpacking trip, the North Country Scenic Trail. The trail meanders through dense forests, streams, and provides numerous outlooks looking over the rolling hills of the national forest. It was early in the year and mosquitoes were nowhere to be found, which was truly a blessing!

Olmsted is a prime location and has a lot to offer our campers – including the rugged outpost feel that some may already be used to. I am excited to make the place feel homey and get it ready for an unforgettable summer for both staff and campers alike.