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Returning to Camp Maas

By: Carly Weinstock

The countdown is on! We are finally going to return to our home away from home. I am looking forward to this summer for so many reasons but the major one is everyone needs it! We all need to return to our happy place, kids need to be together, they need to play outside and get off their screens. I see it in my own house every day – I have a 9 year old son (he will be in DeRoy this summer) and a 6 year old daughter. I also hear it from parents and teachers every day and I feel so proud we are working hard to plan a safe, healthy, and fun summer for everyone. Our campers and staff deserve this summer at camp and I promise we are doing everything we can to make it a very special one.

It is an interesting summer to become the Director of Camp Maas. Even though I have worked professionally for Tamarack Camps since 2007 and know a lot about camp, this off season has looked a bit different. We have lots of conversations of quarantine guidelines and PCR testing but also continue our normal conversations about new program ideas, what fun snacks we can offer, and continue to meet with our amazing summer staff about all their creative ideas for the summer. Even if things sounds a little different, or you have questions about new protocols, we want camp to still feel like camp to all the campers. I keep saying once we are at camp, and campers are going to activities, it’s going to feel the same – it will be like home. I am looking forward to watching our campers grow up, create memories, and develop forever friendships as I did when I started at Tamarack at 7 years old!

I also want to express my appreciation for you, our families. Thank you for trusting us to create a safe and fun experience for your children. We may not have all the answers right away, but we are working hard to find them all and to put the best systems in place for this unusual summer. We will continue to communicate with you about any changes in protocols and guidelines, and please continue to contact us with ANY questions or concerns. We hope to see you at our March 13th virtual Havdalah with Rabbi Ben Shalva and storyteller, Jen Strauss.