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Outpost Experience

Explore Northern Michigan and the Canadian Wilderness

Campers entering 9th grade

Campers enjoy a true Outpost Experience living at either Camp Kennedy (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula) or at Agree Outpost Camp (Northern Ontario). The experiences at each location are similar, as both offer a wonderfully private and beautiful base camp. Each co-ed group will embark on two trips: one four-day backpacking trip and one four-day canoeing trip.

The daily schedule is flexible and the campers help choose their activities. With no clocks or watches, the group sets their own time schedule and without modern devices such as cell phones, campers fully experience the wilderness.

Campers are self-sufficient, planning and cooking all their own meals.

There is something very magical about holding a Shabbat service on the beach with the sound of Lake Superior behind you or having Havdalah around a roaring campfire with a million stars and the Northern Lights above.

The Outpost Experience is for campers looking for an amazing, challenging, loving, and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The program is available for first and second session.

Ultimate Agree

The place to go for fun and adventure and a lifetime of memories.

Campers entering 10th and 11th grades

Ultimate Agree is a six-week, co-ed program for teens who spend a summer with a tight community of adventurous campers. This program offers a summer of innovative leadership and adventure challenge programs. Campers embark on an exceptional six-week adventure that brings them face to face with the Canadian Wilderness.

During the summer, campers will hike through beautiful forests and unblemished scenery, swim in waterfalls, canoe rushing rivers, and experience some of the highest cliffs in northern Ontario. Base camp is the Agree Outpost Camp just outside of Wawa, Ontario.

At Agree Outpost Camp, campers learn wilderness and leadership skills, self-confidence, group dynamics, the warmth, and fellowship found in Jewish camps and life-long friendships. Agree living is rustic – you will live in one of four cabins and have full use of showers, the lodge, the sauna, and other amenities of base camp.

Ultimate Agree campers embark on two extended backcountry wilderness trips. The first is a spectacular eight-day hiking trip along the beautiful north shore of Lake Superior. The second is a four-day canoeing trip, further exploring the deep waters of Northern Ontario, and offering stunning new perspectives.

There are no cell phones, clocks or watches, which allows a flexible schedule.

If you are looking for a summer of fun and adventure, then Ultimate Agree is for you.

  • Where is Agree and where is Kennedy? 
    • Kennedy is at the top of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, right across the street from the beautiful Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Our mailing address is Shingleton, MI, but the nearest sizable town is Munising (where we have our town day). On a Tamarack bus, it takes us about 8 hours to get there from Adat Shalom, counting a lunch stop.
    • Agree is in northern Ontario, just north of Lake Superior Provincial Park. The nearest town is Wawa, Ontario. On a Tamarack bus, it takes us about 12 hours to get there from Adat Shalom, counting a lunch stop.
  • How many campers/staff are at each program? 
    • Outpost Experience at Kennedy: 24 campers per session and 7 counselors
    • Outpost Experience at Agree: 12 campers per session and 4 counselors
    • Ultimate Agree: 26 campers and 8 counselors.
  • What are the ages for each program? 
    • Outpost Experience is for incoming 9th graders.
    • Ultimate Agree is for incoming 10th and 11th graders.
  • What are the sleeping arrangements like? 
    • At Kennedy, the boys are in one cabin and the girls stay in one room off the main lodge.
    • At Agree, the Outpost Experience boys are in one cabin and the girls are in another.
    • Ultimate Agree boys are all in one cabin. Ultimate Agree girls will be split between two cabins, although we don't accept bunk requests.
  • How are Agree and Kennedy similar?
    • Both locations have similar programming, including day hikes, capture the flag, and painting a canoe paddle. For Outpost Experience, campers at both Agree and Kennedy participate in the same canoe trip (though not at the same time) and their hiking trips are comparable. Back at camp, each location’s daily schedule is very similar — for more information, please read “What does a typical day look like?”.
  • How are Agree and Kennedy different?
    • The biggest difference between Agree and Kennedy is the facilities themselves. Kennedy is less rustic than Agree due to American laws, but at Kennedy, we stay true to our traditions by not using the light switches and pushing each other to be comfortable in our own skin by only showering after trips. At Agree, we do not have electricity (we use propane lamps!), we have an outdoor shower, and we have an outhouse as opposed to flush toilets.
  • How do Outpost Experience campers get split between Agree and Kennedy?
    • Campers are placed at either Kennedy or Agree based on their friend requests. Campers cannot request to be placed at one outpost camp over another.
  • Do Outpost Experience Kennedy and Agree campers ever see each other?
    • Yes! Kennedy visits Agree and its campers for the Kennedy canoe trip, sleeping over at Agree the night before and night after the three-day trip in Obatanga Provincial Park. Agree is located right along Obatanga Provincial Park, so it serves as the perfect “mission control” point for the Kennedy Director while trips are out. 
  • What does a typical day look like?
    • A typical day at both Agree and Kennedy starts with a group of campers making breakfast for the rest of the camp with their KP (kitchen patrol) group. After breakfast, campers and staff split up to complete their morning job, which could be anything from cleaning the family room, packing food for our trips, and (yes) cleaning the bathrooms.
    • After breakfast and morning jobs, the rest of the morning and afternoon (including lunch) looks different every day. Sometimes we’ll go on a day hike or to the beach. At the beginning of the summer especially, this time is used to learn backcountry skills, like how to build a fire. Other times, the middle of the day is open-ended for campers to decide. This could involve painting canoe paddles, working on a project, swimming in the lake, reading, or even programs planned by campers themselves.
    • In the evening, a different KP will make dinner. After dinner, we’ll usually have an evening program. This could be laid back, like a campfire with a song session, or more upbeat and exciting, like classic camp games and competitions.
  • Where does each program run its trips and how long are they?
    • Kennedy hikes in the Porcupine Mountains, on the western edge of the Upper Peninsula (right next to Wisconsin and on Lake Superior). For canoeing, Kennedy crosses the border, spends a night at Agree, then canoes right there, in Obatanga Provincial Park. Each trip is 4 days and 3 nights long. After the canoeing trips get picked up, Kennedy spends another night at Agree before returning to Kennedy the next day. 
    • Outpost Experience at Agree hikes in Lake Superior Provincial Park in northern Ontario. For canoeing, they canoe in Agree’s backyard: Obatanga Provincial Park. Each trip is 4 days and 3 nights long. Please note that Kennedy OE visits Agree for their trips, but not vice-versa: Agree does not visit Kennedy during the summer.
    • Ultimate Agree does an 8 day, 7 night hiking trip in Lake Superior Provincial Park in northern Ontario. They also do a 5 day, 4 night canoeing trip in the same park. Finally, Ultimate Agree visits Thunder Bay all together (campers are not separated into smaller trips) for 4 days and 3 nights, where they enjoy day hikes and a town day.
  • How does cooking work? 
    • At both outpost camps, campers are separated into Kitchen Patrol (KP) groups, where they take turns cooking for the camp. Each KP group consists of roughly 3-4 campers and 1 counselor. At the beginning of the summer, KP groups sit down together to brainstorm what they might want to cook that summer. Some classic meals include macaroni and cheese, stir fry, and taco night.
  • My camper is a picky eater. What should I know about food options at the outposts?
    • When we’re in camp, accommodations can be made to an extent. We do not have a salad bar or other stations, but we do have access to peanut butter and jelly. With that said, it is extremely important that campers get the nutrients that they need to be active at camp, so we do encourage them to try new foods and require that they eat adequate portions.
    • On trips, however, the food that we have in our hiking packs is what we have. Barring food allergies and dietary restrictions (which we are able to accommodate), campers must eat the food that is provided on trips.
  • What qualifications do the staff have?
    • All of our staff are lifeguard certified by the American Red Cross, including adult and child CPR/AED certified. In order to stay safe in the backcountry, staff are also certified in either Wilderness First Aid (WFA) or Wilderness First Responder (WFR). We require that these certifications are up to date.
    • Outside of our staff’s capabilities and training, each outpost has a landline telephone with 24/7 access to Camp Maas’s clinic and a social worker. 
  • What types of safety precautions are taken for backcountry trips?
    • We send our campers on backcountry trips in parks that we know extremely well. Most of our counselors have led multiple trips on these lakes and hiking trails, allowing them to anticipate difficult sections and exit points. The outpost directors stay back from the trips in order to serve as “mission control.” If there is a problem on a trip, counselors can call us at any time on their satellite phones.
  • Where is the nearest medical facility? Is one location closer to a medical facility?
    • At Kennedy, the nearest medical facility is in Munising, Michigan.
    • At Agree, the nearest medical facility is in Wawa, Ontario. Both outpost camps are 40 minutes away from their respective facilities.
  • Wild animals: moose, bears, and wolves oh my!
    • Our main animal concerns actually involve the small ones, like squirrels, mice, and raccoons! Those critters can get into our food, which is why we are so careful with our storage. Both Kennedy and Agree are in black bear, moose, and wolf country, although it is very unlikely campers will see any of these animals. We do not have grizzly bears. 
  • Is there a fitness test?
    • Each outpost has a fitness “celebration” early on during the session. This involves a jog and swim lap. It is not a race! The point of this is for staff to get a read on how we can best support each camper as we begin our hiking and canoeing trips. Staff participate with the campers to keep an eye out and cheer everyone on.
    • In order to prepare themselves physically for the trips, we strongly recommend that campers complete at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 times a week. Campers also will sign a Camper Preparedness Form indicating that they understand how to prepare themselves physically for camp.
  • Do campers shower?
    • Of course! However, campers shower less than they may be used to. In general, campers only shower on Shabbat and after trips. Jumping in the lake or hosing off helps people stay pretty clean in the meantime.
  • When will I learn about what gear my camper needs?
    • In January-March, campers and parents will attend a family meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to meet the director, ask questions, and learn general information about their program.
    • In April-May, campers and parents will attend a gear meeting at Joe’s Army Navy. The purpose of this meeting is to see examples of which gear your camper will need.
    • Of course, you can email Jackie Yashinsky, Marissa Wais, or Jacob Hankin to ask questions at any point during the year!
  • Do I really only get one duffel?
    • Yes. Everything your camper needs will fit — we promise! You may pack the following items separately/outside of the duffel: day pack, hiking boots, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and pillow.
  • How does the packing list compare to Pioneer or Ruach? When do I get it?
    • The outpost packing list will have more trip clothing and gear than programs at Camp Maas. Campers will need less “everyday” clothing than they may be used to. The Outpost Experience and Ultimate Agree packing lists will be available on the Tamarack website. We will also provide packing lists at our gear meetings in the spring.
  • Do I need a passport?
    • Yes! Every camper is required to have either a passport or a passport card. Agree campers will need theirs on Day 1. Kennedy campers visit Agree for their canoe trip, meaning they will cross the border into Canada as well. Please verify that your camper’s passport or passport card is valid for the duration of the program.
  • How does mail work?
    • No email or faxes, since they will not work given our remote locations and lack of technology. Each camp has a landline, which is used exclusively for staff to communicate with Tamarack Camps. During the summer, please contact Jackie Yashinsky about any matters you wish to be relayed to the Agree or Kennedy staff, and she will do so. Both camps enforce the “no package” rule of Tamarack Camps. Letters and cards only, unless an urgent item is approved beforehand (meds, forgotten gear, etc). Boxes will otherwise be automatically returned by our post offices at the sender’s expense. Please note that for campers at Agree, campers do not need to pack stamps. We will provide Canadian stamps for them to use.
  • If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

For more information, contact Jackie Yashinsky at 248-952-9030.