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Email a CamperPlease choose the village of the camper you’d like to email:

Starting the day before your child’s session begins, you can email your camper.  Select your camper’s village (villages are determined by the camper’s grade entering Fall of 2019) and fill out the subsequent email form. Please note, these emails should be TEXT ONLY. If you try to attach an image, it will appear blank when printed. Thank you!

Brighton Side
Applebaum (2nd and 3rd grade boys)
Shiffman (2nd and 3rd grade girls)
DeRoy (4th and 5th grade boys)
Fishman (4th and 5th grade girls)

Levison (6th grade boys)
Charach Sheruth (6th grade girls)
Hermelin (7th grade boys)
Berman (7th grade girls)

Senior Side
Grosberg Ruach (8th graders)
Robinson Pioneer (8th graders)
Kaufman Specialty (9th graders)

To  view camper photos, click here.