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Anything and everything you need to know about camp.

Family Guides

Family Guides serve as the anything and everything you need to know about the summer.

Packing Lists
Camper Photos

At Camp Maas, we post daily photos of camp in action.  We do not get every child every day, but we try to post an array of activities and villages.

If you are a parent of a camper and do not yet have the password, please contact us for the password.  If you are an invited guest of a parent, please ask the parent/guardian to share the password with you.

View camper photos!

Writing your camper

Email your Camp Maas camper:
Emails are distributed with mail after lunch.  Click the blue button on the left-hand side of the screen to email your camper today!

Mail a letter to your camper:
Every camper loves receiving letters. See the mailing address for your camper(s):

Camp Maas:
Camp Maas
Camper’s Name
4361 Perryville Road
Ortonville, MI 48462

Outpost Camps:
Camp Kennedy
Camper’s Name
E16699 H-58
Shingleton, MI 49884

Agree Outpost Camp
Camper’s Name
PO Box 624
Wawa, Ontario
POS 1KO Canada

Teen Travel Trips:
Mailing information will be provided when you receive your specific trip itinerary.

Fax your Camp Maas camper:
You may fax your child any time at 248-627-4576. Faxes are distributed daily, after lunch (except Shabbat), and are delivered with the mail.
There is no additional fee for this service.