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Thank you to our scholarship endowment contributors:

Sandy Ackerman
Deborah Acker-Zolnoski
Darlene Addesso
Melissa Akkaway
Alyah Al-Azem
Linda Albert
Lynn and Jeff Aleman
Jessica Alexander
Kari and Eddie Alterman
Sharon and Mickey Alterman
Lauren and Rick Altman
Shari Ameling
Jeff and Michelle Appel
Barbara Applebaum and Luke Rygh
Beth and Jeff Applebaum
Pamela Applebaum and Gaal Karp
Eugene and Marcia Applebaum Family Foundation
Elyse and Steven Aronoff
Eleanor and Leonard Aronovitz
Joanne and Danny Aronovitz
Erica and Benjamin Auslander
Leonard Bakst
Wendy and Marc Bakst
Jennifer and Ryan Barish
Debbie and Miles Barnett
Josh Barnett
Benson and Susan Barr
Carolle Baskin
Jeff Bay
Gail and Jerry Beale
Fred and Ellen Bean
Donna Bean-Berman and Marvin Berman
Claudia and Ken Been
Leah and Jonathan Beitner
Ruth and Norman Beitner
Andrea and Jeffrey Belen
Ericka and Andy Beletskiy
Esther Beneson
Esther Bensinger
Ron and Linda Benson
Amy and Steven Berg
Albert Berger and Andrea Averbuch Berger
The Stanley L. and Phyllis Berger Family Foundation
Miriam and Ron Bergman
Carolyn Berlin
Harris Berlinsky
Evelyn Berman
Janet and Abraham Berman
Joshua Berman
Lisa Berman
Hadas and Dennis Bernard
Emily Bernstein
Debi Bernstein-Siegel
Paul and Kimberley Bernzweig
Barbara and Stanley Bershad
Julie and Sam Beznos
Karen Bick
Jeffrey and Ivy Binder
Leah Bisel
Roz and Stanford Blanck
David and Hedy Blatt
Randy and Michelle Blau
Erin and Marvin Bleiberg
Anita and Dennis Blender
Bobbie and Don Blitz
Stacey and Jonathan Block
Barbara Bloom
Teri Bloomberg
Peggy And Charles Blotner
Blumenstein Family Foundation
Penny and Harold Blumenstein
Nancy and Lawrence Bluth
Joan M Boonin
Susan Borin Wasserman
Shelley and Jim Boschan
Jeremy Brandt
Sara Braverman
Amy and Adam Brode
Heidi Brode and Joel Krugel
Joyce Brodsky and Lesley Serri
Stacy and Jeffrey Brodsky
Helene Brody
Amy and Jason Brooks
Amy Brown
Judith Brown
Mitzi and Ron Brown
Rhonda and Morris Brown
Maxine Burnstein
Gayle and Richard Burstein
Ellen Busch and Steven Stearn
Lawrence Butler
Debbie and Eric Canvasser
Deena Canvasser
Robyn and Bob Canvasser
Tami Carlin
Michelle Carney
Heidi and Randy Carr
Andrea Cayton
CCY Architects
Vivian Chacho
Alana and Shon Chakrabarti
Natalie Charach
Lynda and Ronald Charfoos
Barbara and Edward Cherkinsky
Lucy and Aamir Chinoy
Ruth and Paul Chosid
Susan and Robert Citrin
Marcy Citron
Annie and Rob Cohen
Elyse and Robert Cohen
Jeff Cohen
Lynne and Marshall Cohen
Judy and Walter Coleman
Dorothy and Arnie Collens
Noreen Collet
Darren and Regina Colton
Nancy Connery
Barbara and Andrew Conway
Aaron Cooper
Heather and Cole Cunnien
Lauren and Marvin Daitch
Peggy Daitch And Peter Remington
Gail Danto and Art Roffey
Paul Darmon
Ellyn and Jon Davidson
Lori and Steve Mertz
Howard Davis
Nola Davis
Robert Davis
Dorothy Decker
Dell Technologies
Linda Dembs
Lindsay and Ryan Dembs
Martin Demlow
Wendy and Dan Dermer
Lenore Deutch
Dennis and Linda Deutsch
Deutsch Brothers Ventures LLC
Romy Devack
Jason and Doreen Dickman
Nancy Dinkelmann
Evelyn Diskin
Chuck and Judy Domstein
Jean and Howard Dubin
Robert and Harriet Dunsky
Joanna and Jonathan Dwoskin
Emily and Mark Eaton
Andrew Echt
Judy and Henry Eckstein
Margaret Eichner
Barbara and Gary Eisenberg
Mindy and Scott Eisenberg
Robin and Leo Eisenberg
Stanton Elias
Ronald Elkus
Lisa and Frank Ellias
Jason Ellis
Rachel Grey Ellis
Judy and Irwin Elson
Kathleen Emerine
Tracie and Steven Engel
Gladys England
Lisa Entin
Barbara Epstein
Cheri Epstein
Suzi and Stuart Epstein
Equilibrium Studio
Susan and Sheldon Erlich
Beth and Earle Erman
Debra and Max Ernst
Gayle and Gary Eubanks
Shirah and Matt Eurich
Edie Fagenson-Rubin
Federation’s Women’s Philanthropy
Terri Farber and Yossie Fleischmann
Susan Feigenson
Herschel and Linda Feinblatt
Jeff and Ann Feld
Laura and David Feld
Alicia and Brian Felhandler
Tammy Felhandler
Robin and Michael Fenberg
Connie and Ivan Fidler
Lori and Bruce Fidler
Rhona and Robert Fidler
Stephen Field
Lyn and Gary Fields
Beverly Finkel
Kathy and Paul Finkel
Brett Finsilver
Stanley and Shari Finsilver
Ellen Firestone
Ilene and Richard Fischman
Martee Fischman
Jennifer and Adam Fishkind
Randy and Debbie Fishman
Scott Fishman
Carol and David Fleishman
Richard and Wendy Flusty
Lacey and Elliot Foon
Catherine and Nathan Forbes
Beverly and David Frank
Frederick Frank and Kathy Alessandro
Peggy and Dennis Frank
Dale and Bruce Frankel
Frankenmuth Insurance Company
Marjorie and Robert Franklin
Emily Freed
Paulette Freedman
Rabbi Bunny Freedman
Evelyn and Fred Freeman
Norrine and Mel Freeman
Diane Freilich
Jan and David Friedlander
Dr. David and Rae Friedman Philanthropic Fund
Jaime Friedman
Jennifer and Lowell Friedman
Jenny and Andy Friedman
Pola and Howard Friedman
Rozie and Bernard Friedman
Jennifer Fritz
Alvin Frommer
Claire Galed
Gail and Steven Gales
Ronna Galin
Beth Gans
Felores Garcia
Marla Garfield
Todd and Amy Gers
Joel Gershenson
Annette and Steve Gerus
Stacie Gillman
Shauna and Michael Gilman
Dena Gilmer
Sigmund and Cheryl Glaser
Paula and Louis Glazier
Nancy Glen amd Ralph McDowell
Paul and Barbara Glick
Gayle and Lorne Gold
Barbara and Fred Goldberg
Marilyn Goldberg
Stacy Goldberg
Jason and Arica Goldis
Rose Rita and Sheldon Goldman
Sid and Deborah Goldman
Joshua Goldsmith
Alison Goldstein
Brian Goldstein
Janis Goldstein
Dorothy Goldstick
Ranita Gomez
Eleanor and Michael Goode
Martin and Rise Goode
Jodi and Robert Goodman
Kimberly Goodman
Robin Goodman
Pamela Gordon
Lisa Goren
Sherry and Aaron Goren
Wendy Gorge
Kenneth and Karen Goss
Charles Green
Benjamin Greenberg
Elaine and Shelly Greenberg
Elizabeth Greenberg
Jonathan Greenberg
Morry and Susan Greener
Elaine Greenspan
Judith Greenstone Miller
Jim Grey
Nancy and James Grosfeld
Fran and David Grossman
Steve Grossmann
Maxine and Ronald Grumet
Susan and Robert Guerin
David Gumenick
Larry Gussin
Andy Gutman
Cheryl Guyer
Barbara and Jonathan Haber
Toby and Sam Haberman
Francine and Paul Hack
Robert and Dorothy Hack
David and Rose Handleman
Judd Handler
Becky and Fred Hankin
Hap Marketing
John Hardwick
Susie and David Harold
Julie Trepeck Harris and Billy Harris
Thomas and Tobie Hartman
Dennis and Alyce Helfman
Harvey and Ronna Heller
Lee Henkin
Sandy and Roger Henkin
Elaine and Alan Herbst
Ophelia and Leonard Herman
Sam and Mindy Herman
Sharon and Ron Herman
Barbara Hillman
Leslie and Scott Hirsh
Lori and Ryan Hirsch
Leslie Hirshberg
Shelley and Jeff Hirshberg
Debbie and Alan Hitsky
Steve and Bonnie Hoffman
Kim Hoffman Miller
Julie and Peter Hollinshead
Carol and Ken Holtzman
Bonnie and Ralph Hommel
Barbara and Michael Horowitz
Susie and Dennis Horwitz
Jill Hulnick
Karen and Edward Hurvitz
Ruth Hurvitz
Tammy and Steven Hurvitz
Shelley and Lenny Hutton
Monique Hyman and Jason Brown
Jeffrey and Ashleigh Imerman
Gayle Infeld
Eileen and Jerome Isenberg
Jon Isenberg
Renée and Earl Ishbia
Vern and Barbara Jackson
Connie Jacob
Dana and David Jacob
Jim Jacob
Linda and Andy Jacob
Steven and Katie Jacob
Diane Jacobs
Gilda Jacobs
Leslie and Robert Jacobs
Jane and Osman Jacobson
Janet Jacobs-Walt
Caryn Jaeger
Sheri and David Jaffa
Janis James-Rubin and Jeffrey Rubin
Bart Johnson
Michael and Barbara Jonas
Elizabeth Jordan
Carole Kaftan
Jeffrey and Marla Kaftan
Ruth Kahn
Susan and Jay Kalisky
Geraldine and Harold Kalt
Marian Kantor
Tony Kantor
Jack Kaplan
Sandi and Steve Kaplan
Linda and Steve Kaplan
Robert and Lois Kaplow
Carol Karbal Blender
Barbi and Ben Kasoff
Ellen and Geoff Kasselman
Gail Katz
Lauren Katz
Elissa and Larry Kaufman
Sue and Alan Kaufman
Susan and Stuart Kaufman
Paul and Johanna Kaye
Joel and Betsy Kellman
Patti Kelter and Marc Cohen
Jonathan Kempner
Harriet and Larry Kepes
Jeff Kepes
Lee Kepes
Maddee and Ron Kepes
Cheryl and Ronald Kerwin
Jonathan Kichaven
Carol and Ronald Kief
Susan King
Cheryl and Rick Kirsch
Daniel Kirsch
Sarah and Joel Kirsch
Audrey and Brian Klayman
Linda and Tom Klein
Lisa and Danny Klein
Lisa and Jason Klein
Lori Klein
Stacy and Ronald Klein
Danny and Elissa Kline
Denise Knopf
Jonathon Koenigsberg
Lauren Koenigsberg
Elyse and Brian Kolender
Judy and Richard Komer
Joel and Barbara Konikow
Lynne Konstantin and Jeffrey Hermann
Zieva and Marc Konvisser
Joyce Kornbluh and Steven Novinson
Nancy and Brian Kott
The Kovan Family
Bonnie and Mark Kowalsky
Zina and Michael Kramer
Marjorie Krasnick
Barbara Kratchman
Jonathan Kraus
Andrea and Dan Kravets
Jennifer and Todd Krieger
Jason Kromirs and Melanie Topper
Cheryl and David Kryshak
Lynne and Michael Kukes
Arlene Laderman
Cheryl and Barry LaKritz
Adam Landau
Debbie and Mark Landau
Gail and Donald Lansky
Noel Laporte
Nancy and Harvey Lash
Stacey and Joseph Lash
John Lawson
Margo and Michael Lazar
Benita and Andy Lee
Nancy and Barry Lefkowitz
Margaret Leipsitz and Matthew Yarmolinsky
Ken Lenchner and Linda Moss-Lenchner
Adam and Jamie Lenter
David Lenter
Nicole and Matt Lester
Jay Levin and Greg Rowley
Tony and Karen Levin
Frieda and Burton Levine
Janet and Ellsworth Levine
Phyllis and Gary Levitt
David and Jeannette LeZaks
Michael Limond
Fran Gross Linden
Carol Lipsitt
Beverly and Arthur Liss
Robert and Jerri Litt
Deena and Stuart Lockman
Cristen Logan
Nina Lopatin
Beth and Jonathan Lowe
Colleen Lowry
Fred and Stacey Lusky
Sandra Lyness
Mary-Ellen and Karl Lyngaas
Donna and Michael Maddin
Marilyn Madorsky and Robert McClain
Michael and Sandi Malowitz
Shari Maniloff-Korenstein and Tom Picard
Marc Manson
Marlene Margolis
Margaret Mauti
Rachel and Reuben Maxbauer
Alan and Elizabeth May
Nicole and Joel Mazur
Mike and Diana McDonald
Joyce and Tommy Sachs
Phyllis and Jeffrey Meer
Jessica, Joey, Bria, and Mickey Meyer
Marilyn and Paul Meyer
Ronnie and Rena Meyers
Eric Michaels
Jodi and Jefferey Michaelson
Paula Milgrom and Jim Barnett
Charles and Lori Miller
Janelle and David Miller
Judith Miller
Barbara and Lawrence Millman
Elyse and Elliott Milstein
Elizabeth and Jeremy Modell
Jill Moed
Judge Susan Moiseev
Heidi and Jon Monkarsh
Ariella and Ian Monson
Andrew J. Mopper
Patty (Roberts) Morosohk
Robert Morris
Maria Morrow
Kathi Moss
Mara and Andrew Moss
Douglas Mossman
Beverly Motchan
Glenn and Lynn Movish
IM Mozel Charitable Trust
Joy and Allan Nachman
Jessica and Gabe Narrett
Marilyn Natchez
Dawn and Rick Naughton
Laurie and Michael Nedelman
Jodi and Kevin Neff
Andrea Neiman
Amy and Howard Neistein
Larry Nemer
Marlene Nevell
Chuck and Sharon Newman
Nancy Newman
Kathleen Novitsky
Jo Elyn and George Nyman
Marlene and Bill Oleshansky
Arlene and Rick Oppenheim
Margi and Maurice Opperer
Gerald Oram Family Fund
Renee Oram
Marcie and Rob Orley
Pai Partners
Lloyd and Shirley Paley
Susie and Norman Pappas
Rachel Parks
Victoria and Larry Parsky
Glenn and Erin Pavey
Ruthanne and Arvin Pearlman
Patricia Peck
Marcia and Ken Petchenik
Mary Phillpotts
Dina and Barry Pinsky
Jody Podolsky Colaiaco and Andre Colaiaco
Susan Polgar
Nicole Pollack
Karen and Mitch Pollak
Steve Pollak
Sandra Pond
Debra Posner
Lauren and Howard Potocsky
Linda Powers
Beth Radner
Dale and Robyn Rands
Jodi Rankin
Judy and Arnie Rautbort
Natie and Alan Reinstein
H. Nathan Resnick
Julie Reynolds
Cheryl and Ron Riback
Erik Rice and Ellen Nystrom
Jordan Rice
Elliott and Anna Ring
Risha Ring
Julie Roback
Susan and Barry Roberts
Moshe Rogoff
The Sigmund and Sophie Rohlik Foundation
Andy Roisman
Sari and Marc Roland
Lynn and Peter Root
Iris and Howard Rosen
Reva and Robert Rosen
David Rosenberg and Ann Brodsky Rosenberg
Diane Rosenblum
Jason and Michelle Rosenfeld
Beverly Rosenthal
Constance and Mickey Ross
Jennifer Rossbach
Marci and Steve Rotenberg
Jonathan Roth
Sarah and Matthew Roth
Wendy and Jeff Roth
Lisa and Jared Rothberger
Ellen Rothenberg
Nancy and Allan Rothfeder
Marla Rowe Gorosh and Neil Gorosh
Joyce and Saul Rubenstein
Helene Rubert
Dale and Jerry Rubin
Michelle and Eddie Rubin
Marisa Ruby
Deborah Rubyan
Carrie and Daniel Rudman
Carole and Herb Rudoy
Danielle and Aaron Ruskin
Rustic Resort Association
Susan and Herb Ruttenberg
Deane and Barry Safir
Stuart and Randi Sakwa
Heather and Lowell Salesin
Alan and Janet Salle
Janice and Michael Salter
Barbara and Norman Samson
Linda and Mel Saperstein
Joni and Neil Satovsky
Michele and Eli Saulson
Marisa Sbrocca-Marco
Alissa Schachter
Beverly and Sheldon Scharg
Bluma Schechter
Marcie and Marc Schechter
Laurel and Michael Scheidt
Barbara and Larry Schiff
Carly Schiff
Charles Schiff
Geri Schlanger
Richard Schloss
Cara and Ira Schlussel
Marsha and Sherwin Schneyer
Andi Schoffman
Leslie and Ila Schonberg
Seth Schorr
Janice and Michael Schwartz
Jody and Henry Schwartz
Merle and Ronald Schwartz
Nayda and Norman Schwartz
Robert Schwartz
Sandy and Alan Schwartz
Linda Schwarzberg
Ken and Janis Schweizer
Gordon Scobel
Michael and Lori Seltzer
Lori and Ronald Semel
Elaine and Michael Serling
Jeff Shapack
Linda Shapiro
Michael Shapiro
Nancy Shapiro
Jason Sharabani
Olivia Shaw
Riki Shaw
Susan and David Shepherd
Randee and Howard Sher
Robert Sher
Harriet Sherman and Steven Kohl
Heather and Loren Sherman
Joyce and Donald Sherman
Lesley and Keith Sherman
Rita and Paul Sherr
Marci and Marv Shulman
Judith Shumaker-Holland
Alicia Sibrack
Gloria and Milton Siegel
Miriam Siegfried
Julie and Eric Silberg
Laura and Scott Silberman
David and Susie Sillman
Maurine Sillman
Felicia Silver and Brad Wasserman
Jennifer and Paul Silverman
Karen and Keith Simmons
Carol and Elwood Simon
Donald R. and Esther Simon Foundation
Amy and Craig Singer
Carol Singer
Lisa Singer
Marla and Craig Singer
Michael Singer
Robert and Ruthellen Singer
Megan and Ryan Sitrin
Patti Sitrin
Donna and Robert Slatkin
Cathy Slavik
Dan Slobin
Mark Slobin
Edie Slotkin
Gerald and Ellen Slutzky
Maxine and Larry Snider
Barbara Snitz
Elizabeth Sollish
Jane and Jack Solomon
Amy Somek Portnoy
Beth Sonne
Sara and Jeff Sonne
Julie and Matthew Sosin
Susan Sosnick
Colette Stager
Jared Starr
Shawn and Lisa Stearn
Cindy and James Stegman
Brian Stein
Robert Steingold
Elayne and Daniel Steinhardt
Milton and Barbara Stern
Robin and Jeffrey Sternberg
Nancy Komer Stone
Kathy Storchan
Jo Strausz Rosen
Elaine and Stephen Sturman
Barbara and Jim Sugarman
Sherry and Michael Surnow
Ellen and Thomas Swengel
Susan and Howard Tapper
Tapper’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry
Katie and Brian Taylor
Temple Israel Brotherhood
Terry and Howard Tenebaum
Stefan Teodosic and Cortney Lederer
Rena Tepman
Lynda and Doug Thal
Joan Theile
Amanda and Seth Tompkins
Julie and Cliff Totzke
Lea Trager
Debbie and Norman Trepeck
Jennifer Trepeck
Judith Trepeck
Robin and Lee Trepeck
Sheila and Larry Trepeck
Terri and Jeff Trepeck
Nancy and Brent Triest
Larry and Judy Trompeter
Steven and Barbara Tronstein
Bonnie Tucker
Katherine and Gary Twomey
Renee and Neal (Rick) Unger
Tracye Valasco and Robert Blum
Marilyn Victor
Viewpoint Psychology
Claudia Vinces
Paula and Russell Wagner
Sharon and Barry Wallack
Beth Wanamaker
Linda Ward
Joy Wasserman-Polun
Ashley Webb
Carly Weberman
Laurie Weinberger
Cindy, Mark, Erin, Merrick and Tori Weingarten
Carly and Michael Weinstock
Stuart and Kathy Weinstock
Sara Weisenthal
David Weisman
Joanne and Marc Weisman
Michelle and Daniel Weiss
Sandra Weiss
Linda and Marty Weissman
Joan and Sanford Weitzbuch
Caryn and Aaron Weitzman
Marilyn Weitzman
Michelle Wezner
Jerry Whitlock
Stacy and Seth Wiesenthal
Fran and Gerald Wigod
Lauren Williams
Trudi and Henry Wineman II
Rachel Winer
Janet and Howard Winkler
Rita and Larry Winokur
Harriet and Arthur Wiss
Sandra and Stephen Wittenberg
Sharon Wittenberg
Connie Wolberg
Sheryl Wolberg
Shira and Lyle Wolberg
Andi and Larry Wolfe
Sandi Wolfe
Ellen and Frank Wolff
Michael Wunder
Shirlee Wyman Harris
Leah and Oren Yair
Alyssa and Sam Yashinsky
Jackie and Joey Yashinsky
Wendy and Jason Yourofsky
Barbara Zack
Holly Zager
Jeffrey Zaks
Susie Zaks
Paula Zaks Stein and Dan Stein
Carli and Ben Jones
Marci and Paul Zeman
Elizabeth and Vince Zide Hosfield
Monica Ziegelman
Renee Zuckerman
Linda and Ronald Zurilla
Julie and Rick Zussman
Suzanne and Mark Zwiren