Tamarack Camps welcomes and engages campers and young adults with a variety of differences and abilities.

Yachad Inclusion Program

The Tamarack Camps Yachad Inclusion Program, formally known as the Nachman Horizon Program, offers a safe and secure environment for children entering 2nd-7th grades who have learning, social, and/or communication differences. Campers in our Yachad Inclusion Program are fully integrated into villages with same-aged peers and participate in bunk and village activities. These campers are supported by highly skilled staff members, who receive additional training.

Yachad participants can register for mini or full sessions. 

In an effort to ascertain a camper “best fit”, an interview/evaluation is required for the Yachad Inclusion Program.

Avodah Young Adult Program

Avodah is a job coaching and recreation program for young adults entering 10th grade, extending into their twenties. Avodah provides instruction in job skills, life skills and offers social opportunities for those with learning, social, and communication differences.
As a group, Avodah participants live in cabins and spend their mornings working in specialty areas with the support of a job coach. In the afternoon, Avodah participants enjoy Camp Maas activities. Avodah participants can register for full sessions.

Available for 24-day sessions at Camp Maas.

In an effort to ascertain a camper “best fit”, an interview/evaluation is required for the Avodah Young Adult Program.

Professional Support

As a critically important part of our Camper Care Team, Franki Bagdade, Director of Support Services and Special Needs, is a year-round Tamarack Camps employee. She oversees the Yachad and Avodah Programs. In the summer Franki resides at Camp Mass and is a part of our Camper Care Team including our Director of Health and Safety and our social workers.

Franki Bagdade
Director of Support Services and Special Needs
Summer: 248-627-2821
Winter: 248-952-9028

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