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November 3, 2020

WELCOME HOME – Camp Maas, Camp Kennedy, and Teen Leadership Village (TLV) are open for the summer of 2021! Applications will be live on Thursday, November 5; until then, please click here for Summer 2021 Dates and Fees.

At this time, we are unable to open applications for Agree Outpost Camp and the teen travel trips – Western and Alaska. This conclusion is based upon the current state of the coronavirus and ongoing conversations with our medical team, health authorities, experts in the camping business, and stakeholders.

We are sensitive to the emotional challenge of these decisions. Please know that, as this pandemic evolves, plans may become modified; we continue to explore options that include those campers adversely affected. As always, all decisions are based upon the desire to provide camping opportunities for everyone, balanced by our number one priority – the health and safety of an entire camp community.

Additional information is highlighted below:


  • Prompt response: as enrollment capacity will be limited, please ensure that your application is submitted promptly.
  • Priority: applications will be processed by priority, based upon years of attendance at a Camp Maas or teen program. Registration from the summer of 2020 will count as a year toward your total. Further details on the process will be included in the terms and conditions, which is contained within the application.
  • Camper rollover fees: as stated in previous communications, if your desired program is unavailable for Summer 2021, a full refund will be provided.


  • Reduced capacity: in an effort to maintain the safest number of campers, camp will not be filled to capacity.
  • “Super Season”: because of the reduction in enrollment, we plan to eliminate the option of “Super Season,” allowing us to expand opportunities to more participants.
  • Kaufman Specialty/Camp Kennedy: unlike previous years, campers entering 9th grade will have the chance to only apply for Kaufman Specialty; the option to choose Camp Kennedy is only available for campers entering 10th grade (in keeping with our goal to maximize participation).
  • “The bubble”: for a period of time, campers will maintain a closed community. Our medical team continues to work with us on the best ways to prevent potential exposure (final details have yet to be concluded).
  • Session length: after weighing school schedules and the maximum time for optimal programming, we have concluded that our best opportunities for engagement are two 24-day sessions for all villages. Also, we will offer 2 mini sessions, (Session 1 Mini and Session 2 Mini). These are available for the first 10 days of each 24-day session.
  • Availability of mini sessions: eligible campers for the mini sessions include those on the Brighton Side (Shiffman, Applebaum, Fishman, and DeRoy) and some on the Mid-Side (Charach Sheruth and Levison).
  • Grosberg Ruach/Robinson Pioneer: we plan to combine these villages, offering highlights from each of these special programs. An in-camp overnight camping experience will be available.
  • Programming: plans for both internal and external programs are still under consideration, and we anticipate that modifications will be necessary (for example, at this point, tripping outside of camp is not viable).


  • Camp Kennedy: to maximize camper participation, Camp Kennedy is available to 10th-grade boys and girls (and is not offered for incoming 9th graders). As we continue to work with our medical team and leadership, our intention is to offer an immersive and unique wilderness camping experience. Like previous summers, campers can choose one of two 24-day sessions.
  • Charles N. Agree Outpost Camp: as with Camp Kennedy, a meaningful and safe program may become available. However, the border to Canada is currently closed, which will curtail access to Northern Ontario. We continue to monitor the situation closely.


  • “The bubble”: due to the inability to maintain a closed community on travel trips, we are currently not offering our traditional Alaska and Western Travel programs.
  • Canadian Border: because the border to Canada is closed, our ability to offer the Alaska Travel Trip is unattainable.
  • Potential modifications: if circumstances change, these programs will become available to entering 11th grade boys and girls. In the meantime, we are looking into alternative experiences – and, if able, will pivot to offer additional programming.


We intend to offer a program for our incoming 12th graders! As details are still being finalized, the specific information will follow in a separate communication.


To answer questions, and provide additional information, we are offering a series of town hall meetings. We encourage you to join us for one of the following sessions:

  • Camp Maas Families
    • Monday, November 9 at 7 pm
    • Tuesday, November 10 at 5:30 pm
  • Teen Programs Families
    • Tuesday, November 10 at 7 pm


In these unusual times, the above decisions only reflect our intention for this upcoming summer; plans for future years have yet to be established. Also, we recognize that this communication provides positive and disappointing news to our camp community. Please know that we will continue to explore every potential option to create a meaningful summer for our campers and families.

As always, we are so appreciative of your ongoing support, and are grateful for your involvement at Tamarack Camps!