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Summer 2021 frequently asked questions

The below information represents medical, programming, and out-of-state answers as we know them today. Especially in light of this evolving pandemic, please be aware that the below answers are subject to change. Of course, throughout the course of these upcoming months, we will continue to communicate.

Application Process

What is the Priority Application Process?
Anyone who applies between November 5 - November 19 has the same time-stamp and acceptance will be based on the number of years at camp. We first start accepting campers with 7+ years of history, then 6 years, etc., until the spaces fill. In the event there are more campers in a certain category than spots available, a random lottery is held to determine which campers are registered and which are waitlisted. If you were registered for the summer of 2020, that counts towards your history.

Following November 20, all applications are processed on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.

Finances and Scholarship

What happens if I rolled over my deposit/fees from 2020?
They will be applied manually and shown on your official registration email. An invoice will be sent following acceptance. 

Do rolled over fees guarantee your spot?
It does not guarantee your spot, but guarantees the enrollment rate of 2020. If you are not accepted into your desired program, a full refund will be provided. 

Why do I have to put a credit card number in?
This year, we are not requiring a deposit; rather, a payment plan is in place. No payments will be processed until December 1 and you will receive an invoice before your credit card is charged. We need a card number on the account for processing; if you are not accepted into a program, no fee is charged.

When is the date to cancel without penalty?
The Terms and Conditions state that a full refund is available prior to December 31. 

If I received a scholarship in 2020, do I need to reapply?
No. Scholarship applications are not required, unless your financial situation has changed or applying for the first time.


Will my camper have to quarantine before camp?
We will ask that campers partake in a quarantine period. It is imperative that families observe social distance guidelines before arriving to camp. In addition, we ask every camper to receive a COVID-19 test within 5 days of arrival. Results will need to be turned in on or before arrival to camp.

Will there be testing at camp?
When campers arrive, they will be tested. At this time, we are waiting to learn the type of testing the CDC will recommend. In addition, all campers will be tested at least once again before their quarantine at camp is over.

Will camp cover the cost of the testing?
COVID-19 testing while at camp and administered by clinic staff will be covered by your camp fees. Required COVID-19 test prior to camp and any testing outside of camp will be your responsibility.

What if you suspect a camper has the virus?
Each camper will be triaged upon arriving at the clinic. If we suspect a potential exposure based upon a camper’s symptoms, they will be taken to a separate, isolated COVID-19 testing area (where a test will be performed).

What if a camper tests positive?
The camper will immediately be isolated and taken to a safe area while we wait for them to be picked up. The camper will be monitored closely and given treatments, as necessary. If this is an out-of-state camper, we will require them to be picked up within 24 hours. In addition, other members of the camper’s pod will be tested immediately and separated from the rest of camp. The exposed campers will still be provided with camp activities but separated.

Will camp professionals alert families if their camper was potentially exposed?
Yes. If a camper is exposed and they must enter a mini quarantine, parents will be notified.

Will the staff also be required to be tested?
Yes. All staff will follow the same testing guidelines as campers.

Will the staff be allowed to leave camp for days off?
No. In order to maintain the integrity of our “bubble,” staff will not be allowed to leave camp’s property. Of course, we are sensitive to the needs of our staff members and we will provide appropriate accommodations at camp. 

If there is a COVID-19 vaccine, will it be required?
At this time, we are uncertain. While the news of a potential vaccine is encouraging, we do not know the vaccine's availability. As always, we will follow CDC guidelines and the guidance of medical experts.

When will campers be required to wear masks?
At Camp Maas, campers will wear masks if they are ever in a situation where they are mixing with different pods. Masks will be required for the first two weeks of camp. After that period, all of camp will be one pod.

Camp Kennedy will be one pod. Everyone will wear a mask on the bus ride to camp, as the driver is not part of the pod. Once they are at camp, a mask will not be required.

What type of masks are permitted?
Cloth masks and surgical masks will be permitted (no neck gaiters or face shields, please). 


How will campers eat their meals at Camp Maas?
Based on our staggered dining model, we can accommodate the reduced capacity of campers in our dining hall (for example, only Brighton Side villages will be in the dining hall at one time). Tables will be socially distanced and campers will wear masks into the dining hall (once they sit at their tables, masks can be removed). Senior Side villages will eat in their lodges for all meals.

How will they be grouped?
Campers will be grouped by grade. 

What is a pod?
Your pod is your camp “family.” It includes your cabin group, and, depending upon the size of a cabin group, a pod may consist of the whole village or a few cabins. Just like at home, when you are with family, physical distance and masks are not required. Camp Kennedy will be one pod.

Will campers leave the property for camping trips? At Camp Maas, campers will not leave the property for trips. In order to maintain the integrity of our “bubble,” campers remain at camp. Tripping remains an important part of our history, therefore, campers will learn valuable tripping skills while on our property.

Due to the small community at Camp Kennedy, our medical team believes we can safely run hiking and canoeing trips.

How will all camp programs (such as Maccabiah Day, Circus Day, Israel Day, etc.) be organized at Camp Maas?
We plan to offer our traditional favorites! If they are during the first 10 days of camp, when camp is structured within their pods, we will schedule participation in the program at different times.  

If family members live in different pods, can they still see each other?
Yes. We will find opportunities for family members to see each other! 

Out-of-state Campers

What are the certain protocols for out of state campers?
Ongoing conversations will continue and conclusions will be based upon CDC guidelines, local health guidelines, and the current state of the pandemic. At this point, the protocols are the same as local campers (quarantining and testing are required).