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1,200 miles away… and still home

By: Lee Trepeck, Chief Executive Officer

Earlier this month, in Denver, Colorado, Carly Weinstock, our awesome camp director, and I participated at a conference that attracted 150 leaders from various Jewish organizations around the world. Its important content centered upon management during these complex times – and, as a group, we discussed Israel, leadership and best practices. 

During a break in the action, Carly and I joined alumni from Tamarack Camps who have moved from Detroit to Denver — and, immediately, our conversations reinforced what we already knew: We establish a strong foundation for Judaism and friendship. 
With over 20 young adults gathered on a winter night, every conversation centered around joyous summer experiences shared at “The Greatest Place on Earth.” And, while the group spanned different ages, with various years around our playgrounds, the joyous recollections produced countless common themes: 

  • Camp is the best.  
  • Memories of simple experiences have the most enduring impact. 
  • The best lessons in life are learned at camp. 
  • The bonds of camp friendship are cemented as the strongest. 
  • There’s nothing like Shabbat at Tamarack.  
  • The positive emotions of a wedding are even heightened when they include packs of best friends from camp. 
  • Leadership experiences in the wilderness naturally translate in the workplace (further evidenced by this year’s “36 Under 36.”
  • As we age, the memories of childhood become even more important. 
  • Regardless of location… camp is home. 

And, with an extra bounce in our steps, Carly and I shared that, through these valued relationships, they’re always “home.” And we remain certain of this: Camp is needed more than ever — and it takes all voices, from every generation, to continue moving us forward.