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Beyond Local Boundaries

By: Lee Trepeck, Chief Executive Officer

As a Detroit-based camp, we actively work to attract campers and staff members from our own backyard — and, as a camp that also builds upon the strength of a national and international presence, we are willing to move the “extra mile” to establish a wider community.  

So, with that in mind, following winter break, after our kids returned to school, Robin and I jumped in the car — and traveled. With an ongoing commitment to interpersonal relationships — and, where direct communication is preferred, we refused to let distance separate our camp family. We trekked down I-75, headed south, and pulled into Florida. We were thrilled that so many local supporters from Michigan, who are snowbirds or live in the sunshine state, wanted to meet in person. In a series of meetings, which included past presidents, current supporters, and, we hope, future donors that support our mission, we had the privilege of discussing scholarships, endowments, and Jewish programming — amongst other relevant topics. Because of their advocacy and passion, we are better able to help meet our mission.

Afterward, I was excited to travel back north — to Atlanta — for a professional conference filled with Jewish camp and community center executives from around North America. Without doubt, camp is “in the field,” yet important conversations also abound “in the room” — with lectures, networking, and elevator conversations that center around “best practice.” 

And I’m thrilled that, as I type this message, Becca Fishman and Zack Goldman are in Israel — planning for the upcoming Joy and Allan Nachman Leadership Trip, meeting with tour guides, planning itineraries, and hiring Israeli staff (shlichim) — all while sharing the Tamarack story in our Holy Land. It’s also exciting that Carly Weinstock will meet Becca in England, where, through Jewish and international agencies, we meet and hire international staff. Through these collective efforts, camp becomes common ground and a home base to so many cultural backgrounds. 

Even in snowy months, the passion for Tamarack Camps endures, remaining boundless — and, sometimes, stepping out of the familiar neighborhoods provides even greater clarity — to others and to ourselves. Collectively, we were so happy to meet some of our stakeholders in restaurants, their homes, coffee shops, in different states, and around the world — and it felt awesome to share what’s happening at home from further away.

We are on the road again and connected — outside Michigan, throughout the country, and around the world.