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Empty Table…Full House

By: Lee Trepeck, Chief Executive Officer

On Passover, our family was thrilled to be included at Rachel and Gabe Karp’s beautiful home.
Fabulous company. Meaningful seder. Excellent food. Such warmth. Complete togetherness.

Except for the table that was all set… but totally empty.

Too many people are still unable to participate.
And, in the midst of this traditional holiday, the world is different… and emptier.

We pray and continue to think of loved ones – near and far. And we want to do something. So, with summer on the horizon, and preparations for a warm welcome to camp on overdrive, we are working even harder to bring more campers home. And, in that regard, this community has answered and Send a Kid to Tamarack (SK2T) is a gift.  

In light of war and the current complexities in Israel, through collaboration with leadership of the Jewish Federation of Detroit, we are reaching across the world to bring even more Israeli kids to camp – approximately 150 (nearly double our original plan; see Carly’s article). And, thanks to SK2T, through so many positive interactions, our camp community is further enriched. Frankly, our kids (and staff) – locally and in Israel – need a campus where they can be unapologetically Jewish.

Because of this, especially in 2024, SK2T has an even heightened meaning.
Now… as a united mishpacha (family), in one strong voice, let’s send more kids to camp.
And let’s fill every chair at every table.