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Enjoy the Magic of Tamarack Camps All Year Round

By: Gillian Noonan

When you were a camper at Tamarack Camps what was your favorite activity? Maybe you loved water sports, arts and crafts, or meal time. What about rock climbing, the high ropes course, or meeting the animals at Teva? These activities push campers outside their comfort zones. Your memories might include feelings of accomplishment and fun, but maybe even some fear and that’s okay! Tamarack Adventure and Retreat Center runs these activities not only for summer camp, but for three seasons out of the year. They are open to all people including school classes, boy/girl scout troops, college students, and corporate groups.

Groups come to Tamarack Adventure in the fall and spring to experience team building and to connect with nature. They can stay for a couple days and sleep in one of the villages or they can come for a couple hours to participate in programming. Either way, guests get to experience all the amazing things that make Tamarack Camps so special. Students often take part in canoeing, archery, and campfire-sing-alongs, while adult groups push themselves on the Tango Tower high ropes course and discussion activities. Tamarack Adventure focuses on creating lasting memories while cultivating an environment where guests feel comfortable to try new things and share their thoughts.

One of Tamarack Adventure’s most popular activities for all ages is Group Initiatives. This is where groups can work together to solve problems and complete challenges. Guests analyze what they do well and what they could do better, so when they go back to their respective schools or places of work they’re better communicators and leaders. This is also a great chance for guests to experience the beauty of nature as they hike through the woods together.

Tamarack Adventure and Retreat Center works with many different  groups of people and share with them just how fun camp can be. There are so many great things to do and lessons to be learned, that may not necessarily feel like lessons while you’re learning them. They feel like adventure and laughter and friendship, no matter how old guests are while experiencing them! If you’d like to learn more about how a group you’re apart of can experience Tamarack Adventure and Retreat Center, check out the website or contact Erin Okuniewski at (248) 627-2821/