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From the Backcountry to Jackson Hole

By: Western 1

We have just arrived in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming after coming back from our three-day backcountry trip. On this backcountry, the campers were split up by genders where they experienced bonding and a combined 14 mile hike over the span of 3 days.

Before the backcountry the campers traveled to Idaho, where they saw amazing sights such as The Craters Of The Moon, The National Potato Museum, Idaho Falls, and The Idaho Hot Springs. Some highlights of these were hiking through and above lava created caves, eating the “best french fries in the world”, and learning more about each other.

Yesterday was our first day of Wyoming, and it sure was an eventful day. Then the campers went to a nearby park to open mail and play a quick kickball game. After, we went to a Chabbad House for some Shabbat festivities. We are very excited for our final weeks with a B’nai Mitzvah, Western Prom, Yellowstone Hikes, and continuing to strengthen our Western Family.