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One Year of the Tamarack Times

By: Lee Trepeck, Chief Executive Officer

Happy Anniversary to the Times!

One year ago, under the leadership of our marketing cabinet (Lindsey Brenz, Rachel Fine, Becca Fishman, and Jackie Yashinsky), this version of the Tamarack Times was born. Through a monthly publication, sent digitally, our team intended to communicate with our community – in a predictable rhythm with salient stories that covered selected areas of our agency. Now, Ashleigh Imerman has joined the circle, helping to coordinate the pieces – and, together, working on this project is a privilege.

Within every issue, we look forward to sharing an overall message to the community, a president’s report (which often features meaningful stories on the special partnerships with our lay leadership), program information, development updates (highlights of the ever-important support from our community), and alumni stories (featuring previous leaders from Tamarack Camps) – along with other community news, milestone celebrations, and activities for kids (after all, we are constantly intertwined with the drive of creating fun)! Today, as we conclude the first year and stride toward the future, we continue to invite your feedback on the stories that mean the most to you; as a team, we are motivated to provide the information you seek.

In many ways, The Tamarack Times allows our campfires to glow in the “off-season,” where, really, our staff ensure that the spirit of summer always burns. Thanks for reading, sharing, engaging, and allowing us meaningful ways to connect to your home. At Tamarack Camps, that’s our honor – which is felt in every word we communicate.