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Reflections from Camp Maas

By: Carly Weinstock

We waited so long to be together, and truly, this was the summer of a great comeback! On the last evening of second session at Camp Maas, we enjoyed a tie-dye-themed banquet, listened to village culmination songs, and celebrated our camper’s achievements with medals. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful session!

For obvious reasons, this session was so meaningful. We worked so hard to get campers to camp after a year of being away. Everyone needed camp and once we were here, it felt so good. It was actually pretty magical. I spent many days just sitting watching campers participate in different activities and my eyes would fill with tears of joy. It made me so happy to see their interactions and not worry, as we have had to for the past year. Life felt normal and fun!

I am so proud of all the campers and it has been incredible to watch them grow and have this much-needed experience. I’m happy to say they arrived home with new friendships, greater confidence, more independence, a little taller, and quite tired!

I want to thank our families for allowing us to spend this time with their children and trusting us to show them this experience. I also want to acknowledge our senior and summer staff members who created an incredible summer for our campers. Finally, I want to close with appreciation for all of you: Tamarack is our community’s camp and it continues to endure and thrive thanks to the support, care, and spirit of our camp family.