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The Return to Agree Outpost Camp

By: Madison Cunnien

This is Madison Cunnien, a 2nd year Agree camper, writing on behalf of everyone here at Agree Outpost Camp. Today we returned our 8-day backcountry hiking trips. We hiked the entire Coastal Trail of Lake Superior Provincial Park. We had perfect weather. It only rained once while we were asleep. We saw some beautiful sights and wildlife. Lots of loons were seen and heard.

Our next trip is to Thunder Bay which was a blast last year. All of the campers and staff are getting along well. We all crack jokes, sing songs, and jump in the lovely Kabenung Lake. Our kp groups (kitchen patrols), which cook meals for everyone when it is their turn, have cooked amazing meals, including barbecue chicken, fried Oreos, “brookies” and mac and cheese.

Tonight we are saunaing for our second time. It is a nice peaceful time to cleanse and decompress after a difficult trip. We love to jump in the lake as well. We have a floaty collection including a flaming and unicorn. I’m sure you’ll hear all about this and more when we return home.

We all miss and love you.


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