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Zera—The Archer Warrior

By: Tracy Aronoff

If you met her, you might think she’s your average ten-year old girl.  Rest assured, Zera Levine is not just any regular ten-year old—she is a master archer.

It all started one beautiful day at Camp Maas.  While Zera was in Shiffman, our youngest girl’s village, her bunk was participating in the fun day-to-day activities at camp.  The mini campers try every activity at least once to ensure they are experiencing the true flavor of camp.  On this warm and sunny day, Zera and her bunk walked to archery.

There, in the middle of the 1,110 acres that is Camp Maas, Zera picked up a bow and arrow for the first time. It was in that moment (or shortly thereafter) that something clicked for this young, enthusiastic camper. She immediately took a liking to archery. In her own words, “it was fun and challenging at the same time and I loved it.”

Upon her return home for camp, Zera asked her mom, Jennifer Levine, Federation’s Director of Israel and Overseas, if there were any after-school programs for archery.  Indeed, Jennifer found Rising Phoenix in Rochester, and so it began.

Since that summer, Zera trains with Coach Frank to work on her form, her accuracy, and advancing her skills once a week. Her hard work has definitely paid off.  As a member of the Junior Olympic Archery Division, she is able to compete in national competitions. Earlier this year, Zera placed 12th in the country for her division!

Zera believes she is drawn to archery because it required skill and patience.  In a tone beyond her years, she said, “I love archery because I like how much skill it takes and how you get better and better the more you practice. It’s good lesson for life in general.”

With dreams of becoming an Olympic archer, Zera continues to practice, maintain focus, and visualize herself winning.  Zera, in Hebrew, means Stadium, which is quite an appropriate name given her big dreams.

This summer, she will return to Camp Maas as a camper in Charach Sheruth Village where she will enjoy horseback riding, visiting Pioneer Skills and of course, archery.

Tamarack Camps is proud to have been played a role in helping this young warrior on the path to archery greatness!