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Meet The Hazon Team

Hazon Detroit’s mission is to deeply weave sustainability into the fabric of Detroit Jewish life by enriching Jewish communities with Jewish Earth-based experience, environmental education, stewardship, and action. This impressive team, comprised of Amit Weitzer, Carly Silverman, Ari Cohen, and Julia Cunnien (pictured below left to right), spent their formative years at Tamarack Camps! We are proud of the impact they are making in our community.

Amit Weitzer: Camper: 2000, Agree Tripper: 2003, Agree & Alaska Staff: 2005-2010
When I think about camp, I think of hiking along the shore of Lake Superior, deep in conversation with Agree campers about family, community, and often, changing the world. ūüėČ Wilderness trips are an incredible context for cultivating a love for and respect for the natural world and a sense of responsibility for our planet. Those early, formative outdoor Jewish experiences provide the foundation for my current work with Hazon: supporting Jewish individuals and organizations in the work of environmental stewardship and climate action.

Carly Silverman: Camper: 1998 – 2006, Western & Alaska Staff: 2007 – 2011 & 2014
The experiences I had on my travel trip adventures are what I remember the most during my time at Tamarack. Those summers solidified my love of being immersed in nature and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone through outdoor exploration. As the Education and Program Manager for Hazon Detroit, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to facilitate Jewish outdoor experiences and share my love of being in nature.

Ari Cohen: Camper: 2008, 2010
The time I spent at Tamarack marked a period of deep personal reflection and the development of a still-thriving, passion for the environment. Being in a place where friends and family have made countless memories, allowed me to connect with my loved ones in a new way. Finally, Tamarack demonstrated to me the ways in which Judaism and Environmentalism are not only related, but can be leveraged to uplift one another, something I am proud to support today.

Julia Cunnien: Camper: 2009-2015, Staff: 2017 & 2019
There is a predictable, common theme amongst all of my favorite camp memories: they’re all outside and with people I felt a strong connection to. These experiences rooted my passion for the outdoors and the need to take care of our planet, which is why my position as Hazon Detroit‚Äôs Seal of Sustainability Program Manager feels so right. Working with Jewish institutions to lessen their impact on the Earth and finding creative ways to spend outside together?! YES!

Upcoming Event: The Michigan Teen Day of Climate Education and Action is a regional in-person gathering created by and for Metro-Detroit Jewish teens hosted at Adat Shalom. Through teen-led workshops and community action, participants will gain understanding of local climate policy and activism and build connections with other passionate Jewish youth climate activists. Please join us for a day of local climate policy learning, community building, and collective action on Sunday, December 4th from 12:30 pm-4 pm. Register here!