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Staff Retreat — In The Fresh Air!

By: Lee Trepeck, Chief Executive Officer

This month, our year-round staff traded an office backpack for a camp duffel bag — and, as a team, enjoyed an overnight at the Butzel Retreat Center. For a 24-hour retreat, we lived as campers — energized that, even as the fall season began, we returned “home.” While on campus at “The Greatest Place On Earth,” we established goals for our time together: work, further understand the experiences of our participants, and, while in the fresh air, gain introspection. Mission accomplished.

Through intensive sessions, we further “unpacked” the summer of 2022 (reviewed accomplishments and challenges), planned for upcoming events (looking forward to the most immediate: Fall Fest, this Sunday), discussed the 2023 summer season (including new programs), and strategized optimal paths toward ensuring future successes in critical areas of our agency. We invited one outside leader, Michael Cooper, who, as the President of Tamarack Camps, represented a robust team of talented volunteers. He added important messages that were absolutely respected by our entire team; truly, such a special partnership.

We also reserved critical time on the playground to slow down our fast pace.  As a group, we cooked a meal at the Farber Farm (fresh/hot pizza baked in the Rothfeder Family Cob Oven — accompanied by garden salads with farm veggies), engaged in leadership initiatives, shared stories, enjoyed an art project, and participated in an optional fun walk/run. Of course, as a productive retreat in the camping world, we balanced a packed work agenda through nature’s positive impact.

Now, as I further reflect, I remain so impressed by our staff members — their passion, commitment, and tireless support of our mission reverberates. I feel fortunate to work side by side with the finest collection of professional talent in the camping industry.

Going forward, during this “off-season,” with sleeves rolled up, and exciting plans already underway, we count the days until your child(ren) joins us at “home!” In the meantime, as we continue celebrating the High Holidays, I extend a heartfelt wish for health, happiness, peace, and the very best of everything in the year ahead — L’Shana Tova!