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Welcome Home Camp Kennedy

By: Jackie Yashinsky

I’m happy to report that the campers and staff have arrived safely to Camp Kennedy!

After speaking with the staff, they let me know that they had a blast on the bus on the way to camp. They played various icebreakers to get to know each other.

They stopped for lunch and had delicious sandwiches. They played trivia to determine their seat on the bus. If they got it right, they got on the bus and grabbed the next seat. If they got it wrong, they went to the back of the line. It was a fun way to mix up where everyone was sitting.

The group also introduced themselves with their new nicknames. Everyone’s name now starts with “Schm.” For example, my name would be “Schmackie.”

We are thrilled to be together again at camp!

Jackie Yashinsky
Director, Teen Programs