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Cars for Camp!

Have you ever had a car that’s like a family member?  Joey’s car—an old, gold grandpa-esque car with a loud, squeaky wheel—had been in our lives since we met in 2011. In fact, it was the car driven on our first date. It was well loved, well used, but getting old and needed work.  Fast … Read more

From the Lake, to the Office, and Back!

Growing up, my summers were always something I looked forward to no matter what I did. I joined the camp game a bit late and did not attend Tamaracks Camps, but had the best 3 years as a camper at another amazing camp. My camp, my home away from home, unfortunately closed down my second … Read more

Alumni Spotlight with Mollie Yarsike

When did you attend Tamarack Camps? I started going to camp slowly, which was perfect for me. I first went for a Shabbat weekend in Shiffman, then one week in Fishman. After that, I went every summer from ages seven to fifteen, eventually building up to a full session in Specialty. I absolutely loved every … Read more

The Four Questions of Send a Kid to Tamarack

Why should I attend Send a Kid to Tamarack (SK2T)? Tamarack Camps is a magical place that changes lives every summer. For some families, sending one or more camper is not financially possible. Every person who gives to Tamarack Camps is helping families afford summer camp. Thirty percent of campers are awarded scholarship toward tuition and … Read more

Tamarack Camps Annual Fundraiser

Comedian Nate Fridson will be supporting a cause close to his heart when he performs at the annual Send a Kid to Tamarack (Sk2T) event April 28 at the Berman Center for Performing Arts. Fridson was a Tamarack camper from the late 1990s into the 2000s and then a counselor at Camp Maas after that. … Read more

Camp Maas Switches to the Best. Eggs. Ever!

In 2000, eight-year-old Brittany Feldman sat in the cheder with her Fishman bunk eating breakfast. She would never have imagined that 19 years later, she would be advocating to improve the quality of the eggs at Tamarack Camps. As Manager of Sustainability and Outdoor Engagement at Hazon Detroit, Brittany is diving into her passion to … Read more

Zera—The Archer Warrior

If you met her, you might think she’s your average ten-year old girl.  Rest assured, Zera Levine is not just any regular ten-year old—she is a master archer. It all started one beautiful day at Camp Maas.  While Zera was in Shiffman, our youngest girl’s village, her bunk was participating in the fun day-to-day activities … Read more

Meet the 2019 Western Trip Supervisors

Erin Okuniewski:  I started at Tamarack in the spring of 2017 as an intern with Tamarack Adventure and Retreat Center. I came back the following spring as an educator with TARC and then was a staff on a Western Trip for the summer. I returned to TARC as an educator this fall and I have … Read more

Back to My Roots

Hi Tamarack family! After nearly a four year hiatus from camp, I am overjoyed to be joining the Tamarack office as the new Development and Marketing Associate. My role will be primarily focused on alumni engagement. It is so exciting to be back at a place that has always felt like home to me. Why … Read more

The Tamarack Difference

Every year, we hear the same question from prospective camper parents.  What makes Tamarack Camps more qualified than any other Jewish summer camp out there?  The answer — as you might imagine — is not just any one thing, but a combination of factors that come together to make the experience the best it can … Read more