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Camp Olmsted – A New Adventure

Tamarack Camps has a brand new addition – Camp Olmsted, a rustic outpost camp tucked away in scenic northern Pennsylvania. Campers and staff will enjoy all that Allegheny National Forest has to offer, including hiking and canoeing trips, and of course, lots of tripper stew. Camp Olmsted is no stranger to the Tamarack Camps family. … Read more

Meet the 2019 Western Trip Supervisors

Erin Okuniewski:  I started at Tamarack in the spring of 2017 as an intern with Tamarack Adventure and Retreat Center. I came back the following spring as an educator with TARC and then was a staff on a Western Trip for the summer. I returned to TARC as an educator this fall and I have … Read more

A Day In The Life of Alaskan Campers

Wow! After completing our second backcountry of this trip, the Kesugi Ridge in Denali National Park, we traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska. After a long drive on the bus, we made it to Fairbanks. Following breakfast, we spontaneously spent the day in Pioneer Park, enjoying the historical aspect of the small town within. We continued our … Read more

4-Day Kennedy Canoeing

Today we are on the bus heading back from our four-day canoe trip. It was so much fun! On our first day, we went to Agree Outpost Camp and it was such an amazing experience seeing what another outpost camp looked like. When we got there, they were all so welcoming and nice. They gave … Read more

The Return to Agree Outpost Camp

This is Madison Cunnien, a 2nd year Agree camper, writing on behalf of everyone here at Agree Outpost Camp. Today we returned our 8-day backcountry hiking trips. We hiked the entire Coastal Trail of Lake Superior Provincial Park. We had perfect weather. It only rained once while we were asleep. We saw some beautiful sights … Read more

From the Backcountry to Jackson Hole

We have just arrived in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming after coming back from our three-day backcountry trip. On this backcountry, the campers were split up by genders where they experienced bonding and a combined 14 mile hike over the span of 3 days. Before the backcountry the campers traveled to Idaho, where they saw amazing … Read more

Jacob Hankin has finally found the best place in the world to sit…

…And it’s smack dab in the middle of Camp Kennedy. Jacob spent this past year doing Teach for America in Buffalo, New York. It was a great experience, but he admits to daydreaming about camp. And as Jacob gets ready for his first summer as director of Camp Kennedy, he reflected on what—and who—helped him … Read more